Pet Tips for a Fun & Safe Easter

With Easter around the corner, families are planning meals, baking, and looking forward to a fun holiday! Now is the perfect time to consider your pets safety with a little planning.


  1. Stay away from plastic Easter basket grass. Plastic Easter grass can become caught up in the back of the tongue or in the stomach making it hard or impossible to pass through your pets digestive system. It can ultimately cause severe damage to the intestinal tract and may require surgery. Consider using a paper Easter grass as an alternative. If you are using the plastic Easter basket grass, make sure basket are out of reach of your pets!
  2. Some spring plants are toxic to pets, especially Lilies. When you are decorating for Easter, double check to be sure that the plants that you display are safe for your pet. If anyone brings you an Easter Lily for a gift- keep it out of reach of your pets. All parts of the Easter Lily are poisonous; the petals, the leaves, the stem, and even the pollen. Cats that ingest as few as one or two leaves, or even a small amount of pollen while grooming their fur, can suffer kidney failure.
  3. Chocolate is dangerous for your pets. Dark chocolate is more toxic than milk chocolate. Make sure all chocolate treats are out of reach from your pets.
  4. Table food can be dangerous for your pet! Take extra caution to keep human food away from your pet. Sometimes families feed their pets right before the Holiday meal. Sometimes if your pet has a full belly, it may reduce their desire to beg for food from your guests.
  5. Make sure you have your local Veterinarians office contact information or the Pet Poison Helpline readily available.


Easter for pets can be a special event, just like it is for humans! New colors in the house, baskets with goodies on the table, and little oval shaped balls lying on the ground and throughout the house. Maybe your pets will be lucky to get their own Easter basket!

  1. If you regularly make baskets for children, surprise your cat or dog with one too! Skip the Easter grass and candy- but include healthy treats and a new toy! Instead of a basket, you could put these pet gifts in a new bed, so your pet can relax in it later.
  2. If an Easter Egg Hunt is a family tradition, you can let your pets in on the fun! Hide cat treats or cat nip in Easter eggs throughout your house and have your family help your kitty find their goodies. For your dog, fill Easter eggs with your dogs kibble or small treats and let the hunt commence! Just remember to limit how many treats your pet eats at a time.
  3. Bake your pet some special Easter treats! Make sure the ingredients are safe for pets, and remember to give treats in moderation to avoid intestinal upset! Check out these three Easter recipes for your pets:

Easter time can be fun for both your family and your pets, as long as you keep them away from anything that could harm them, and include them in your annual traditions!

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