Report to the Board of Directors May 2013

Report to Board of Directors May 16, 2013

Summary of Animal Stats

Live Release Rate APRIL 2013: 95.6%

Dogs- 21        Puppies-7
Cats-20            Kittens-19
Rabbits-1        Guinea Pigs-9

Animals currently housed in the shelter for 6 months or more:

Cats: “Julius” 7/20/12,“Skitz” 7/26/13,“Licorice” 8/3/12, “Kim” 10/4/12,
“Katie” 11/15/12

Dogs: “Barron” 4/6/12, “Abby” 5/29/12, “Bandit” 10/27/12,  “Tequila” 11/13/12


Dr. Gordon surgeries- 41 (PHS animals)
-29 (SNIP Clinic: 25 cats/4 dogs)

Dr. Theodore surgeries-4 (PHS animals)

SUNY Canton- 1 Male Dog (cryptorchid), 2 Female Dogs (2 spays, 1 nictitans gland prolapse repair)


Lydia is going to be working only weekends from May 23rd- June 29th to take a class.

Stacie is going to be having a medical procedure on June 21. There is a chance that she may need more time off than just a few days.

Alysia is due June 25th, and will be going out on maternity leave.

Operation Issues

We need FRP board installed in both the Cat and Dog Isolation areas, as well as Intake Hallway (Transition). This would allow for proper disinfection and not damage the walls. We do have left over metal trim. When funding/grants become available, we would like this to be considered a top priority.

NCC Systems will be donating a few security cameras to PHS.


Town Contracts

Tom Farley, Potsdam’s back up ACO, resigned.  We have been communicating with Potsdam Town clerk about hiring a replacement.

Program Development

Project SNIP is going well, feline surgeries have been consistent. We hope to increase the amount of canine spays this summer.

Public Outreach

Strut Your Mutt/Craft Show raised a total of $3,531.13.

We participated in an adoption event at Tractor Supply, which gave us some exposure.

Bonnie had a group of children from St. Patrick’s Church in Colton bring in donations as their Lenten project. They had a tour of the shelter.
Norwood Norfolk K-Kids in for a tour on May 20th.
Girl Scout Troop coming in on May 25th for a tour.

Another K-Kids group is setting up a tour with Bonnie before the end of the school year.
Madrid-Waddington Pre-K classes are coming on June 14th for a tour/lunch.

We hope to be getting two students from the Summer Youth Employment Opportunities Program, as well as one student from the STEM Program for the summer.

Bassmaster Elite Tournament is August 8-11th in Waddington. Meeting is June 4th from 6-8pm at the Potsdam Town Hall for more Info. You must RSVP. It would be a good opportunity for PHS to participate.

Volunteer Initiatives

JoAnne Zenger has stepped down as Volunteer Coordinator. Jessica Slapar is taking on that position, as well as doing Dog101 training. Shelter Orientation Classes are scheduled for May 23rd and May 28th at 4:00pm.  

Logged Volunteer Hours : 447.25 hours

Open Items/Old Business

We are using an anesthesia gas filter unit, which is sufficient; ideally we should have it vented outside.

The multipurpose room door has been kindly fixed by volunteers.

We never hosted Mary Holland’s exhibit of animal themed artwork, through the St. Lawrence County Arts Council. Reasons unknown.

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