Report to the Board of Directors June 2013

Report to Board of Directors June 14, 2013

Summary of Animal Stats

Live Release Rate May 17-June14 2013 : 91.53%


Dogs-14 Puppies-10 Cats-20 Kittens-22

Animals Currently housed in shelter for 6 months or more :

Cats: “Julius” 7/20/12, “Skitz” 7/26/12, “Licorice” 8/3/12, “Kim” 10/4/12, “Katie” 11/15/12, “Zoe” 12/5/12

Dogs: “Barron” 4/6/12, “Abby” 5/29/12, “Tequila” 11/13/12, “Cinder” 1/15/13


Animals Currently Housed:

55- Dogs 2-Ferrets 3-Gerbils

106- Cats 2-Rabbits



Dr. Gordon surgeries 68 (PHS)

Dr. Theodore surgeries 15 (PHS)



Alysia had baby on June 8th and will be out six weeks maternity leave.

NCC Systems, security cameras : No Update

New Potsdam ACO officer, Becky Barlow-Pierce has been hired and sworn in.

Raised puppy and kitten adoptions as of the first of June $5.00 each.

Pellets: We now have a system set up to keep better track of count and use of pellets

Working short staffed on Vet Tech end. Any possibility putting Jess on full time?


Program Development:

Project SNIP has slowed down a bit due to a shortage of Rompun the anesthetic used for surgery. The company does not have it available at this time. Any other products are much more expensive. Regina is working with Heidi from Massena Humane Society to get some out of Canada.

Public Outreach:

We participated in an adoption event at Tractor Supply on Saturday June 8th. Volunteers Matt Anable and Susan Kramer attended that for us and brought a puppy and two kittens.

Brownie Troop from Canton were in for a tour and visit with Bonnie P. and brought in a very nice donation of food, treats, ect.

Girl Scout Troop from Brasher also came for a tour and visit with Bonnie P and had a great time. They brought us in toys they had made.

K-kids were in for a visit and tour with Alysia. Large group of kids.

Madrid-Waddington Pre-K came in for tour and visit with Bonnie P. and Regina. Thirty four kids and six chaperones. They also brought us some nice supplies and stayed and had a snack with Rascal our ferret.

We will be participating in the large adoption event at Tractor Supply on August 17th. It is a day long event with many other groups there. We are going to be holding a Microchip clinic for an hour or two late that afternoon with Dr. Gordon there at TS. We will need volunteers to help us out with that.

Volunteer Initiatives:

Jess has taken the volunteer coordinator’s position and has been holding Volunteer 101 classes regularly. Jess is also handling the Dog 101 training.

Volunteer hours logged in this month were down to 251 ½ hours. That is normal with the students gone home for the summer.

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