Report to the Board of Directors August 2013

Report to Board of Directors August 15, 2013

Summary of Animal Stats

Live Release Rate July 2013: 89.41%


Dogs- 9 Puppies- 5

Cats- 38 Kittens- 9

Guinea Pigs- 1


Animals currently housed in the shelter for 6 months or more:

Dogs: “Barron von Willie” 4/6/12, “Abby” 5/29/13 (now in foster care), “Tequila” 11/13/12, “Cinder” 1/15/13

Cats: “Julius” 7/20/12, “Skitz” 7/26/12, “Licorice” 8/3/12, “Granny” 10/30/12, “Kim” 11/15/12, “Katie” 11/15/12, “Polly” 12/28/12, “Elwood” 2/20/13

Total Animals Housed currently: 251



Dr. Gordon- 77 (PHS Animals)

29 (Clinic Animals)

Dr. Theodore- 6 (PHS Animals)

3 (Clinic Animals)



George Rose and Leila Thurston have resigned from their positions as kennel attendants. We have hired Robert Gonzalez and Natalie Remington. They are both doing a good job. Natalie will be working just Friday-Sunday until September, then she will be available to work any day of the week.

Our Potsdam Animal Control Officers, Jim McConkey and Becky Barlow-Pierce, would like the pre-exposure vaccine, and for us to cover all costs. The regular cost is $250.00 per vaccine and you would need a set of three vaccines. We are looking into a Patient Assistance Program. This will work for Becky, but as of right now Jim’s VA office doesn’t want to use this vaccine.

We would like to hire Jessica Slapar as a full time Vet Tech, to replace Alysia.



A dog in intake chewed through the exterior kennel run. The dog was eventually caught a few days later. Matt Anable repaired the cage.

We have switched to making our own laundry detergent, costing us about $0.06 per load of laundry versus $0.10. (Recipe attached). We still use bleach.

We are in the middle of a court case concerning six adult dogs and eight puppies. They possibly are all carrying a zoonotic disease and are contained in Dog Isolation awaiting the courts decision.


Town Contracts

Attached is a spreadsheet of the town fees for 2011-2013, along with the number of animals from those towns. The number given for the year 2013 was an estimate. The number of animals from January 1, 2013 to June 31, 2013 were doubled, to give a number of prospect animals for the whole year of 2013, if any questions please contact me. All towns have been consistent in numbers, except for Brasher, which I think is in need of an increase. I would suggest increasing the fee to $5,900.00. This is what we collect from the town of Norfolk, which has the similar number of animal intakes.


Program Development

Lindsey Johnson has successfully completed the STEM program. Shaelyn Chartrand has also completed the Summer Youth Employment Program. They were both a great asset to PHS and very helpful this summer. We look forward to working with both programs next summer.

Nicolas Bernal has started work study through Clarkson. We will be getting more Clarkson work study as the semester begins.


Public Outreach

Pars for Paws raised a total of $5,925.48!

We are participating in a Tractor Supply Event and doing a Microchip clinic on Saturday

August 17th from 10am-4pm.

The garage sale is Friday August 23rd and Saturday August 24th. We have a very large amount of donations and they are still pouring in!

Cruising for Critters, held by Star Touring Chapter #289, is being held on Sunday September 8th 11am-4pm starting at the Potsdam Humane Society and ending at the Potsdam Ponderosa.

There will be a barbecue, hosted by John and Christine Lancaster, to benefit the Gina Lizardi CATalyst Fund on September 8th from 3:00-6:00pm.


Volunteer Initiatives

Logged Volunteer Hours : 279 hours









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