Report to Board of Directors September 2014

Report to Board of Directors September 2014

Summary of Animal Stats

Live Release Rate for August 2014 :  93.41%


Dogs/Puppies : 17
Cats/Kittens: 135
Rat : 1

Animals Currently Housed in Shelter:

Dogs/Puppies : 59        Snake: 1 (in a foster home)
Cats/Kittens: 172        Rabbits: 3
Ferrets: 2            Rats: 7

Animals Housed 6 months or more:

Dogs: Hugo(8/3/13), Buck (9/27/14- in a foster to adopt home), Bubba Chubba(3/11/13), Cloud(1/31/14-has a home), Fusion(8/9/13- potential home), Raven(1/28/14), Kanga(2/11/14), BooBoo(9/28/13-going to his forever home in a few weeks), Jesse (1/28/14- potential home).

Cats: Wini(11/4/13), Mrs. Duncan(2/27/14), Snow(12/2/13), Opal(1/21/14-has a home), Charlie Chaplin(11/14/13).

Surgeries at PHS

Dr. Gordon – 52 PHS Animals     31 Clinic
Dr. Beane – 4 PHS Animals
Dr. Theodore- 7 PHS Animals


Jess is off her crutches and working back to normal.
Regina will be having tendon surgery on her hand on September 22nd. She will be out for a week and then will be on light duty for a few weeks.

Town Contracts

Meeting with the Towns to discuss the 2015 contracts with PHS have been going well.

Norfolk- Tim and I went to this meeting and the Board voted and passed the contact.

Stockholm- I went to the meeting and the budgeted for the increase. They are also considering increasing their impoundment fees.

Brasher- Bonnie B. went to the meeting and it went well.

Lawrence- I went to the meeting and they appreciated PHS coming again and liked the report.

Lisbon- They signed the contract (can expect payment next month- they always pay early). They are also considering increasing their impoundment fees.

Hermon- Carrie went to the meeting and it went well.

Parishville- I went to the meeting and they budgeted for the increase.

Hopkinton- I will be going to the meeting.

Potsdam- I will be going to the meeting.

Clifton- Carrie will be going to the meeting next month.

Colton- I will be going to the meeting next month.


Dr. Gina Roberts from Canton Animal Clinic inquired about volunteering for PHS. She is now doing surgeries for PHS at no charge!

Update on BooBoo- He is recovering nicely from the surgery to repair his old fractures and will be transported to his forever home in the next few weeks.

The cleaning staff has been using the pressure washer to conserve water. We are also doing a trial run of spraying the exterior runs every other day in the adoption kennel (unless needed). It seems to be going well.


The Amvets Ladies Aux 265 is hosting their Annual Walk-A-Thon on Saturday Sept 20th at 9am. Proceeds are to benefit Hospice, Paws with a Cause, and PHS.

Leanna Hoover (BooBoo’s caretaker/volunteer/and Clarkson workstudy student) has organized a fundraiser at Clarkson on Friday October  3rd (weather permitting). Where for a donation students and faculty can pet a puppy. We will also have info on PHS, volunteer opportunities, etc.

The Quilt raffle raised a total of $352.00.

We are still looking for volunteers to work the concession stand in Lake Placid for October 4th & 5th and October 11th and 12th.

Public Outreach

PHS will be participating in Tractor Supply’s adoption event on Saturday September 20th from 10am-2pm.

Volunteer Initiatives

With the students back, we have made two volunteer orientation classes available versus the one per month. Our last class had over 50 people in attendance.

Logged Volunteer Hours: 233

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