Report to Board of Directors October 2014

Report to Board of Directors October 2014

Summary of Animal Stats

Live Release Rate for September 2014: 92.96%

Adoptions September 2014:

Dogs/Puppies: 22

Cats/Kittens: 39

Rabbit: 1

Animals Currently Housed in Shelter:

Dogs/Puppies : 72                   Cats/Kittens: 185

Ferrets: 2                                 Guinea Pig: 2

Rats: 7                                     Snake: 1 (In Foster Care)


Animals Housed 6 months or more:

Dogs: Hugo(8/3/13), Buck(9/27/13), Bubba Chubba(3/11/13), Cloud(1/31/14-has a home), Raven(1/28/14), Kanga(2/11/14), Sherlock(3/19/14), Dartele(3/10/14), Jesse(1/28/14- in foster to adopt).

Cats: Snow(12/2/13), Opal(1/21/14), Charlie Chaplin(11/14/13), Mrs. Muffin(3/22/14), Godiva(2/17/14).


Surgeries at PHS

Dr. Gordon:     66 PHS Animals                       19 Clinic Animals

Dr. Theodore   3 PHS Animals

Dr. Roberts      10 PHS Animals



Regina is on light duty until November.


Town Contracts

The last Town Meeting to attend is Hopkinton in which I go on Monday October 20th. All towns seem to be receptive to their contracts for 2015 and happy with the reports.

One issue that has arose is adopted dogs and puppies owners are not getting them licensed. I am coordinating a meeting with our town clerks to discuss options of fixing the issue and working together.



Long term resident “Fusion” was transported to North Carolina through a chain of volunteers organized by Becky Adams.

The animal cruelty case pertaining to the dog seized in Norwood in August (“Simba”) is still an ongoing court case. Jim and Becky are going to all court dates and we are working together to provide updates and information.

Matt Anable repaired Adoption Kennel #10 that was destroyed by a pair of dogs.

Bonnie applied for new computers to be donated to Wal-Mart (up to $1,200). We are researching models that would work for PHS and should be hearing from Wal-Mart next week.

PHS is hosting the last public Rabies and Microchip clinic for 2014 on Thursday November 6th from 9am-12noon.


The Pet A Puppy fundraiser at Clarkson coordinated by Leanna Hoover raised a total of $464. The students really enjoyed and we are working on getting a Pet A Puppy each semester.

Centerplate was a great success. We anticipate around $4,000 (this includes tips and the 10%).


Public Outreach

Bonnie and Jess visited St. Mary’s School in Canton. They brought some animals and taught the students on proper pet ownership and how to safely approach a dog.

PHS is hosting their second annual Open House on Saturday, October 25th from 12noon-3pm. I am working with Bonnnie B. and the FoPHS group.

I am attending a meet and greet on Wednesday Nov 5th, coordinated by SLU. This is an opportunity for organizations to meet and generate volunteers/interns from the University.


Logged Volunteer Hours

361 Hours

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