Report to Board of Directors- October 2013

Report to Board of Directors- October 2013

Summary of Animal Stats:

Live Release Rate for September 2013: 100%


Dogs- 26 Cats-43

Puppies-17 Kittens-54

Pocket Pets-8


Animals Currently Housed in the Shelter for 6 months or more:

Dogs: “Barron” 4/6/12, “Abby” 10/24/12, “Tequila” 11/13/12 (in Foster to Adopt), “Jack Flash” 4/13/13

Cats: “Skitz” 7/26/13, “Kim” 10/4/13, “Katie” 11/15/13, “Mimi” 4/29/13, “Milton” 3/4/13

Total Animals Housed:

Dogs-54 Guinea Pigs-1

Cats-117 Iguana-1




Dr. Gordon Surgeries- 44 PHS,   8 SNIP Clinic

Dr. Theodore Surgeries- 5 PHS,  0 SNIP Clinic



Employee evaluations are underway. I believe that communications between the cleaning staff and myself are improving and we are heading in the right direction.


Town Contracts

I met with the Town of Lawrence on October 9th. We sat down and had a nice discussion and I believe that they support our efforts, and see the necessity of spay/neuter.

The only town to meet with is Potsdam. The clerk will let us know when the meeting is.



The donation request letter has been sent to Bill Watson, Triple A in Canton, for FRP board. I have not heard anything just yet and will be contacting him.

The free adoptions was a great success, at least doubling our regular adoption numbers.

Steve Cotter, a local contractor, is working with Bonnie B. to install Red Smith’s memorial window in Cat Room #1. Steve will also be sealing the vents on the roof that have been leaking.



Part two of the Garage Sale raised $1,100.00, bringing the grand total to $4,785.91!

“Round Up” at Save-A-Lot continues to the 14th of October. We have had adoptable kittens showcased twice now. I hear that donations are going well.

Bon Ton Community Days Coupon Booklets are for sale for $5.00. The Friends of PHS group are promoting it and organizing volunteers. The Sale is on Nov 15-16. Our goal is to raise $1,000.00.

Christine Palmer, owns “Bows by Christine”, and is selling necklaces and keychains promoting adoption, and all proceeds come to PHS. Julie Johnson is creating a graphic to make a “PHS” keychain. It costs Christine $2/item to make, she is selling them for $4.


Public Outreach


Jacob Bellucci, is in the Scouts and is trying to earn his Eagle Status, and would like to make a trail for volunteers to walk the dogs on. I am in the process of getting more information from him.

Jahn Grey Hawk, a local artist, wants to paint a mural for us at no charge. He has done work at Maplewood in Canton and also working on a piece for United Helpers.

We have the Girl Scouts coming for a presentation and tour on October 12.

Jessica and I will be going to Step by Step in Ogdensburg to speak about PHS and volunteer opportunities on October 16.

Friends of PHS will be hosting an Open House on October 19th from 1-3pm.

November 18th Ellen MacMasters will be giving a “Pet First Aid” Class from 6pm-9pm. Everything is done through the Red Cross, and we are providing the space.


Volunteer Initiatives

Logged Volunteer Hours :

September 2013 : 225 hours








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