Report to Board of Directors June 2014

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Report to Board of Directors June 11, 2014

Summary of Animal Stats

Live Release Rate MAY 2014 : 88.46%

-We euthanized 8 feral cats.


Dogs/Puppies : 18

Cats/Kittens: 30

*The Pig is in Foster-to-Adopt in a home in Canton with a younger pig and things are going well.

*Hope is in a Foster- to –Adopt Home and will be officially adopted very soon.

Animals housed 6 months or more:

Dogs: “BooBoo” 9/28/13 (in foster care), “Jesse” 12/13/13, “Jango” 11/21/13, “Fusion” 8/9/13, “Buck” 9/30/13, “Bubba Chubba” 3/11/13, and “Hugo” 8/3/13

Cats: “Oreo” 11/11/13, “Everest” 11/15/14, “Apple Blossom” 8/19/13, “Soot” 10/31/13, “Neptune” 8/6/13, “Chip” 12/2/13, “Runtly” 12/31/13, “Binx” 11/4/13, “Tigger” 6/22/13, “Dreamweaver” 8/16/13, “Ratatouille” 1/10/14, “Magnolia” 12/16/13, “Wini” 11/4/13, “Moonlight” 9/25/13, “Cobra” 12/2/13, “Frost” 9/6/13, “Confetti” 8/29/13, “Snow” 12/2/13, “Sophie” 11/20/13, “Panda” 9/10/13, “Charlie Chaplin” 11/14/13, “Gretta” 1/2/14, “Emma” 7/10/13, and “Lucy” 6/8/13.

Spay & Neuter

Dr. Gordon Surgeries: PHS-54 Clinic-26

Dr. Theodore Surgeries: PHS-5 Clinic-2


There was a confrontation between two members of the cleaning staff, which was resolved and things have been running smoothly.

Regina was bit by a dog (she was sore but fine), and I filed an accident report. She did not need medical treatment.

Jessica injured herself outside of work and has limited mobility. She has been still coming to work and has been performing almost all regular activities. We have shifted some roles. Regina will be working Saturday’s and Jess will be working her Monday’s. Things are running fine.

There was a complaint made against the Potsdam ACO’s from a Stockholm resident. He spoke with Bonnie P. and informed her that Potsdam ACO’s were harassing him and that he was contacting his lawyer. I have left him two messages expressing my concern about his compliant, and I spoke to the Potsdam ACO’s about the situation and they denied the accusations.

Town Contracts

Nothing to work at this time.


Steve Cotter came and installed the Red Smith Memorial window in Cat Room #1 and also sealed the roof vents. He will be coming back to replace the siding that has been damaged. We discussed installing a gate in the adoptable play yard and he recommended having the fence company who installed the fence install the gate. We are currently waiting on a quote. (Just a refresher, the anonymous donation of $1,000 was what we were going to use to fund the project).

We space in our intake kennel for dogs and Friends 4 Pound Paws asked us if we would be able to take in two young dogs. They seem to be very adoptable.

Project S.N.I.P is going very well. We have a Rabies and Microchip Clinic scheduled for July 24th from 9am-12noon. Dr. Gordon would like to incorporate Distemper, Lyme vaccinations and tests, and eventually Heartworm testing and preventative.

Unvaccinated pets statistics that have gone through the Spay Neuter Now program (2011-2013)

Rabies Felines 91.16% Canines 43.05%

Distemper Felines 96.59% Canines 62.91%

We have had many clinic clients and the general public informing us they would love to vaccinate their pets, however the Vet’s office is very costly. We would like to offer these services to our SNIP Clients, but for those pets that are already spayed and neutered and would not be coming through the SNIP program we would like to add these vaccinations to our Rabies/Chip Clinics.







$6.35/chip +$5/Doc = $11.35




$1.64/vax + $5/Doc = $6.64




$15.00 ($30/set)

$2.90/vax + $5/Doc = $7.90 or $10.80 (set)

$7.10 or $19.20 (set)


$15.00 ($30/set)

$3.60/vax + $5/Doc = $8.60 or $12.20 (set)

$6.40 or $17.80 (set)




$13.48/vax + $5/Doc = $18.48 or $31.96 (set)

$6.52 or $18.04



$4.00/test + $5/Doc = $9.00



The Donor who was going to give us the F150 truck was injured and that is why we had not heard from him. He sent us a letter with a $5,000 check. He said that he is going to send us the rest of the money for the truck value over the next few months (for a total of $25,000).

We were donated a beautiful Queen size Cat quilt by Betty Vebber. We are selling raffle tickets and the quilt is at Best Friends.

We received a notification from Snider, Kyriakopoulos & Snider, LLP that we were named as a beneficiary in the late Dorothy J. Adams estate. We shall be receiving ¼ of the residuary estate.

Mr. & Mrs. Planty of Norfolk also are meeting with their lawyer to leave their estate to PHS.

Public Outreach

The Norwood Norfolk K-Kids came on May 19th to the shelter with donations and a tour, questions, and met the animals at PHS.

We have a Girl Scout Troop visiting PHS on Saturday June 14th.

The Donor Letter should be in the mail early of next week.

Logged Volunteer Hours: 363

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