Report to Board of Directors July 2014

Report to Board of Directors July 2014

Summary of Animal Stats Live Release Rate June 2014 : 92.59%

With some confusion of terms here are some links that explain animal statistics.


Dogs/Puppies: 33

Cats/Kittens: 29

Animals Currently Housed in Shelter:

Dogs/Puppies : 53     Ferrets: 2

Cats/Kittens: 212

Animals Housed 6 months or longer:

Dogs: BooBoo (9/28/13- in a foster home), Jesse (12/13/13), Fusion (8/9/13), Buck (9/30/13), Bubba Chubba (3/11/13), and Hugo (8/3/13)

Cats: Oreo (11/11/13), Apple Blossom (8/19/13), Neptune (8/6/13), Binx (11/4/13), Tig-ger(6/22/13), Dreamweaver(8/16/13), Ratatouille (1/10/14), Magnolia (12/16/13), Wini (11/4/13), Moonlight (9/25/13), Cobra (12/2/13), Frost (9/6/13), Snow (12/2/13), Sophie(11/20/13), Panda (9/10/13), Charlie Chaplin (11/14/13), Emma (7/10/13), and Lucy (6/8/13)

Spay & Neuter

Dr. Gordon Surgeries PHS: 63 Clinic: 17

Dr. Theodore is out right now due to immobility of her hand. We have been referring female dog clinics to the Spay Neuter Now Program.


Jess is immobile until the end of August as she has broken her hip. Thing are going smoothly as we have switched up some tasks and Jess is still coming to work everyday. We have two students starting Monday from the Summer Youth Employment Program and they will each be working five days a week. We also got Lindsay Johnson back for the summer to work at the shelter through the YCC Stem Internship Program.

Town Contracts

I have attached previous years Town Contract pricing and as well as the number of animals and my recommendations for this years. You will see that the intake of animals from our contracted towns have increased, some doubled or more. This is because we have become extremely strict on not accepting animals from non contracted towns. We took in 226 in 2013 from non contracted towns. This includes 60 guinea pigs from Rensslaer Falls, so in actuality we only took in 166 animals from non contracted towns, ver-sus the previous year where we took in around 400 animals. A majority of the 166 animals taken in from 2013 include litters of puppies and animals that had been previously adopted from PHS (we always try to get previously adopted animals back to PHS.). I strongly recommend there be no increase for the towns that had a 25% increase last year. This was a big jump for these small communities and I think that if we were to increase it again this year – we will loose them. These towns include Brasher, Hermon, Lawrence, Lis-bon, Norfolk, and Stockholm. The Towns Clifton and Colton stayed around the same for animal intake numbers and I sug-gest keeping the same pricing as last year. Hopkinton I suggest a 1.5% increase (same as last year) which would be $25.00. They had an increase of 16 animals brought in for 2013. Parishville had a 10% decrease for their contract for 2013. Even though the number of ani-mals doubled, they have been overpaying for the past few years. So now with the number of intakes with their 10% decrease of last year they are right on track. I would suggest no change on contract pricing for the town of Parishville. The Town of Potsdam pays a contract to PHS to take in animals and also to pay the ACO’s. The number of animal intakes doubled for 2013. The cost of minimum wage also increased (to pay the ACO‘s). I would suggest a 5% increase ($2,900). I believe that the number of an-imal intakes and the increase of minimum wage justifies the increase to the Town, as well as the great job the ACO’s are doing and the revenue they have generated for the town for licensing. Operations I received the quote from the St. Lawrence Fence company to install a gate in the adopta-ble play yard $1, 250.00. I will be getting more quotes. Just a refresher we were going to see about installing a gate in the adoptable play yard using what was left (around $700) of the anonymous volunteer donation.
I have attached the letter and brief survey for local vets to voice their opinions and concerns with PHS providing Distemper and Lyme vaccination and testing at low cost for the public. With your approval I will mail it out. Once I get the response I will write up a formal proposal for Board approval.

Fundraising Andrea Dugan has hosted one Dog Training Workshop at PHS and is continuing her series of trainings through the rest of the summer. She is holding another workshop on July 12, July 26, and August 9th, with a portion of the proceeds going to PHS.

Public Outreach

The Brasher Elementary will be visiting PHS on July 17th. The Potsdam Summer School students will be visiting PHS on July 31st. August 18th SNN will be using our facility for a spay/neuter clinic.

Logged Volunteer Hours: 280 Hours

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