Report to Board of Directors July 2012


Regina Caswell has been off work  on Drs. orders for the past week and a half. We expect an update on her condition soon. She has used all of her available sick time and has been advised that disability is an option.

Bonnie Peryer is on vacation until July 25

Cleaning Staff are following a rotational chore list that will insure compliance with sanitary protocols, accountability and the assessment of their individual strengths and weakness. Bonnie Peryer was instrumental in developing the system with input from the vet tech team , administration and cleaning staff. This will be under review over the course of the next few weeks and, if all runs smoothly, Bonnie will be assigned the task of cleaning oversight and maintaining the rotational roster.

Staff performance evaluations will be conducted in August

Alysia Maynard will be cross-training on Director”s duties over the course of the next 8 weeks. Under my direction she will prepare  and present the director’s report to the board for the month of August. She will also be responsible for composing and presenting the September report on her own (or with minimum guidance from me via email).

Nick Bernal is providing us with 24 hours per week as part of the Clarkson Work Study program. he is attending to canine enrichment, adoption counseling and cleaning up the intake play yard.

Brittany Fullerton, a participant in the ST. Law. Co Summer Youth Employment Program, is working with us as a kennel assistant through mid August.

I will be on vacation from September 12-October 2


Contractors have complied with all warranty issues.

To date 2 contractors have been contacted and asked to provide bids for the kennel repairs and placement of FRP on the walls in the intake areas that still need treatment. One contractor has not responded to the request and one will be meeting with me sometime this week (July 10-13). Up[date 7/12/12: Steve Thesier from Mr. Grant Cont. will be providing a bid in time for the 7/17 meeting.

Jason & Tracy Adle have donated a 10×20′ storage shed as well as all the necessary site prep and construction of interior shelving. The site prep is completed and the shed should arrive soon. Update: 7/12/12 Shed is in place. Shelving will be installed next week.

Security: The following are Quotes/ brief descriptions from NCC Systems of added security measures we should be taking:

1) Lynx Panel w/4 door contacts in adoption wing. Panel monitored. 3 yr contract required@ 18.00/month= $999.65

2)Security Cameras. One indoor ,one outdoor, dvr, monitor, installation etc..= $1460.00

Town Contracts:

Clifton and all towns, aside from Pierrepont, have paid paid in full for the year or are current with monthly fees.

Pierrepont has been provided with an option for this year’s revised contract based on their intake statistics. as of this writing, I am awaiting a reply.

Hermon has requested a sample contract, fee proposal and list of services. Their town meeting is scheduled for July 10. If approved we may be picking up their dog control contract for the remainder of the year or beginning in 2013.

Spay/Neuter Canister Checking

Before I can open an account at SeaCom I need to provide them with a copy of Board meeting resolution requesting I open the account and naming the signers on the account. I expect I will need the same when closing the Key Bank account.

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