Report to Board of Directors – Jan 2016

Report to Board of Directors- January 2015
Adoption Stats FY 2015
Live Release Rate for 2015: 94.88%
Cats/Kittens 477 Dogs/Puppies 254 Guinea Pigs 7
Iguana 1 Mice 12 Rabbits 17 Rats 15 Snake 1
Cats/Kittens 17 Dogs/Puppies 4
Returned to Owner
Cats/Kittens 17 Dogs/Puppies 91
SNIP Clinics
Cats/Kittens 332 Dogs/Puppies 59

Adoption Stats December 2015
Live Release Rate 100%
Cats/Kittens 30 Dogs/Puppies 20
Animals Currently Housed (1/14/16)
Cats/Kittens 74 Dogs/Puppies 47 Ferrets 2

Dr. Gordon 28PHS Animals 23 Clinic Animals
Dr. T 7 PHS Animals 2 Clinic Animals

Some full time employees would like change how vacation time is received. They would prefer to get it all at one time on the hire date (how it use to be) versus accruing each pay period. If the Board agrees, we would need to change the personnel policy. My personal opinion is that staff do not have many benefits, and if this change would make them happy, then I am ok with it.

The shelter potentially has ringworm in the facility. Suspicious cats are being quarantined and treated accordingly (2 dips per week x 4-6 weeks) and daily oral medications. All other cats in the facility (not showing signs) are getting dipped 2 times within a week to prevent potential infection if they have been exposed (in consultation with Dr. Gordon). As long as adoptable cats do not show signs – we will be able to proceed with adoptions in a months time. (The incubation period for the fungus is 7-14 days but can take up to 28). The cats with suspicious lesions will need two negative cultures prior to leaving the isolation area and eventually being placed up for adoption. The cultures take 10 days. Ringworm is contagious among cats and humans. Dogs can also get the fungus but it is rare. Volunteers are not allowed to touch the cats, only staff members. All staff are aware of the situation and what to look for. Ringworm has popped up in multiple locations in the North Country recently, and could have not come in on an animal, but a person or item. It is spread by direct contact. In consultation with Dr. Gordon, we can continue our Rabies and Microchip clinics as well as our SNIP clinics.
Dog’s Best Friend made a donation of $836.86 for the month of December.
Randy Page and Matt Anable installed ice guards throughout the roof on the building.
I am starting the 2015 Annual Report and the 2015 Tax letters receipt letters for donors.

Public Outreach
PHS held their first Rabies/Chip Clinic of the year and generated $620. We have posted an annual schedule and perform the clinics every other month.
PHS is also working with local dog trainer Colleen Kilroy and will be posting a dog training class schedule.
PHS will have a group of Clarkson Students coming to the shelter for community service on this Saturday (1/16) for Martin Luther King Day.
Town Contracts
Contracts and Payments are coming in with no issues. As a reminder we gained the town of Fine this year.

This Holiday Appeal season we have received $24, 365 with more donations still coming in. This does not include stocks donated to PHS with a current value of $1,800.
The FOPHS group raised a little over $400 on the ornament sale.
We are looking for volunteers for the next Centerplate event which is the Harlem Globetrotters on Feb 17th, please contact Betty for additional information.

Logged Volunteer Hours: 251

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