Report to Board of Directors – December 2014

Report to Board of Directors December 2014

Summary of Animal Stats

Live Release Rate for November 2014 : 90.72%

Adoptions for November 2014:

Dogs/Puppies 28 Cats/Kittens 57 Rabbits 2
Rats 4

Animals Currently Housed in the Shelter:
Dogs/Puppies 66 Cats/Kittens 119 Ferrets 2
Rats 3 Snake 1 (in a foster home)

Animals Housed 6 Months or Longer:

Dogs Hugo (8/13/13), Buck (9/27/13), Kanga (2/11/14), Sherlock (3/19/14), Bubba Chubba (3/11/13), Dartele (3/10/14), Wiley (6/12/14)
Cats Simon James (5/29/14), Hightop (5/22/14)

Surgeries at PHS
Dr. Gordon – 45 PHS Animals/ 4 Clinics
Dr. Theodore- 23 PHS Animals/ 2 Clinics
Dr. Roberts- 11 PHS Animals

Nothing to report at this time.

Handyman Charlie Lewey has been working hard to make the shelter more efficient. He has been consulting with one of his engineers at work and will be bringing him by to check out the ramp/hall leading to the adoption wing. The tile is cracking and Charlie believes it is due to moisture. His engineer is suggesting putting in a different type of flooring for that section. It is a
hard rubber type floor. The cost of the material is an estimated $200. Charlie would install it – costing the shelter nothing for labor.
I have attached the printing contract with Advance Business Systems. As I stated in my email, the allotted printings do not carry over from year to year. The company also will donate $100 to PHS. I would like to move forward with this contact as soon as possible.

Town Contracts
The Town of Hermon will not be contracting with PHS FY2015. There is interest with the Town of Pierrepont contracting with PHS. Based on the animals that came from the town, they qualify for the minimum contract fee of $1,800. I have prepared a packet which is being brought to the town supervisor today. I will be reaching out next week to follow up. I also offered to meet with the supervisor or the Town Board to discuss it. Their town meeting is later this month in which they will be discussing the proposed contract.

The FoPHS ornament sale is doing excellent! They have raised $700 and counting.
I contacted multiple organizations seeking volunteers for the Centerplate fundraiser- with no commitments to date. I have also contact Friends 4 Pound Paws to volunteer and split the funds.

Public Outreach
Colton Pierrepont Elementary class came to visit the shelter.
Lawrence Ave Elementary will be visiting PHS.
PHS will be visiting the St. Lawrence Central Elementary 2nd grade class.
Jefferson County SPCA will be coming for a visit and tour. They are in the process of renovating their facility.

Logged Volunteer Hours (November) 508 Hours

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