PR Committee meeting minutes – July 8, 2010

Public Relations Committee meeting – July 8, 2010


1.  Radio spots
Anne has not been contacted by the woman who was working on a marketing plan for sponsored PHS
radio spots.

2.  Grand opening of the newly renovated/expanded shelter
John suggested that we ask the board who will be planning the grand opening so that we can work with
them to build publicity for it.

3.  Shelter Building project
Rob asked for photos and information on the building project so that it can be posted to the website.  Anne will contact one of the volunteer photographers to obtain more photos to be used.

4.  Feral cats
Anne wants to poll our PHS community to see what they think should be done about the growing feral cat communities. One possibility is to post a poll on our website with additional information on the issue and the options available to deal with it.  Anne was encouraged to move forward with choosing a plan for the feral/stray issue and plans on presenting that at the upcoming board meeting.  She will be posting a  “wanted” notice on the website for Feral/stray Feline advocates.


5. Weekly check for PR material at shelter

John will contact Anne each week to see if she has any information about upcoming shelter events, educational programs and activities we want to draw the public’s attention to — whether via the web, radio spots or news releases.

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