PR Committee meeting minutes – Oct. 7, 2010

1. Make-A-Difference-Day
2. Thrift Store – PR for when it is up and running or about to be
3. Ribbon Cutting Ceremony- Date?
4. Tardelli’s – advertising pkg. for PHS on their menu – $200
5. Halloween – Oct. 30 – at the shelter – 3-10PM
6. Pat-on-the-Back on website to recognize businesses who support PHS

1. Anne sent an email to the lady in Gouverneur. Anne will go w/ Bumpo for photo shoot on Oct. 22
2. Thrift Store – tabeled until closer to reality
3. Ribbon Cutting –  When? We need a date
4. Tardelli’s – perhaps we could get a sponsor to fund this
5. Halloween at the shelter – PR to NCTW, NCPR, Courier
6. Pat-on-the-Back on website – Businesses to recognize: Agway, Wal-Mart, Julian’s, Tractor Supply, Angelo’s

Adjourned 12:00 – Next mtg. – 11/4

Respectfully submitted,
Lucille Waterson

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