PHS Balance Sheet as of June 30, 2012

Potsdam Humane Society Inc
Balance Sheet
As of June 30, 2012

Current Assets
Bank Accounts
1005 Petty Cash 1,666.45
1050 Paypal Account 8,892.03
1100 Shelter Payroll Account 1,343.72
1150 Reserve Account 2,834.00
1200 Shelter Savings Account 47,541.63
1250 Shelter Checking Account 4,838.34
1350 Shelter Building Account 7,190.60
1400 Cannister Fund Savings 0.00
1450 Cannister Fund Checking 256.19
1500 National Financial Services 0.11
1510 Smith-Barney Capital Campaign 0.00
1520 Smith Barney Cash Balance 42.11
1525 Smith Barney Money Funds 441.05
Total Bank Accounts $75,046.23
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Receivable (A/R) -775.00
Total Accounts Receivable $ -775.00
Other Current Assets
Undeposited Funds 2,110.00
Total Other Current Assets $2,110.00
Total Current Assets $76,381.23
Fixed Assets
1650 Land and Building 256,935.36
1655 Equipment 52,295.97
1660 Construction in Progress 51,582.14
1665 Accumulated Depreciation -122,231.02
Total Fixed Assets $238,582.45
Other Assets
1700 LMP Capital Fund Class C 0.00
1705 LMP Class C-Reinvestment 0.00
1710 Exxon Mobil Corp Stock 0.00
1715 Loomis Sayles Strategic Income 42,127.82
1720 Loomis Reinvestments 12,249.72
1725 Oppenheimer Funds 23,060.42
1730 Oppenheimer Reinvestments 17,524.98
1735 Washington Mutual 6,919.87
1740 Washington Mutal Reinvestments 5,053.78
1745 Loomis Sayles Gd Bd Fd Cl C 13,000.00
1747 Loomis Sayles Gd Fd Cl C-Reinvestments 1,581.02
1750 Building Held for Re-Sale 0.00
Total Other Assets $121,517.61
TOTAL ASSETS $436,481.29
Current Liabilities
Accounts Payable
2000 Accounts Payable 0.00
Total Accounts Payable $0.00
Other Current Liabilities
2005 Federal/FICA W/H Payable 2,211.06
2010 NYS W/H Payable 74.57
2100 Mortgage Payable 0.00
2150 Sales tax payable -98.29
Total Other Current Liabilities $2,187.34
Total Current Liabilities $2,187.34
Long-Term Liabilities
2500 Note Payable-Rural Development 431,940.00
Total Long-Term Liabilities $431,940.00
Total Liabilities $434,127.34
3000 Opening Balance Equity {3} 0.00
3200 Unrestricted Net Assets -223,064.51
3300 Permanently Restricted 89,806.20
3400 Temporarily Restricted 136,896.94
Net Income -1,284.68
Total Equity $2,353.95

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