October 20, 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

Potsdam Humane Society
Board of Directors Meeting Agenda

October 20, 2015 @ 5:30 p.m. at PHS
17 Madrid Avenue.  Multi-Purpose Room

Board Members Present: Bonnie Boyd, Betty Wolf, Rob Jewett, Suzanne Smith, Tina Flanagan,  Tim Donahue, Amber Lindsey, Deb Massell, Tony Beane, Lucille Waterson, Debbie Finnegan, Randy Page

Board Members Absent: Karen McAllister, Irene Hargrave

Director: Alysia Maynard

Guests: Jill Pearon


MEETING MINUTES: Motion Amber, Tim second Suzanne will amend to add Tina as “present”

Approval of Revised September 15, 2015 Minutes


  • Adoptions have been increasing
  • Town of Fine has confirmed they would like to contract with the shelter. Tim made a motion to accept the contract and Deb second, motion carried
  • Art fundraiser has already raised $500. Art is available at the Potsdam Town Hall building
  • Holiday Wishes Grant-information available on the shelters website. Looking for stories from adopters to qualify for grant. Awards range from $1,000-$100,000
  • Centerplate tip total from Oktoberfest and all other fundraisers so far is $4,875.61.


Finance Reports:

Recommendation made to make reports through the end of the previous month instead of up to date as of the board meeting date.

Budget vs. Actuals: PHS 2015 Budget
Not available at this time.

Profit and Loss August 2015
Not available at this time.

Balance Sheet As of August 2015
Not available at this time.

Proposal from accountant for quarterly reports

  • Considering spending approx. $300/month for bookkeeping services and $50-$75 for payroll services
  • May also have a volunteer who would be willing to do the bookkeeping services

Fund Raising:

  • FoPHS is working on an ornament fundraiser
  • Planning on mailing out the end of year “ask letter” by end of November
  • Recommendation was made to sell holiday greeting cards next year where the purchase proceeds go to the shelter


  • Personnel Reviews Completed
  • Wages will increase approx. $6,000 for next year

Public Relations & Donor Recognition:

  • Leaves of Love Update-Project is almost complete, tree trunk is in honor of Dr. & Mrs. Maresca.
  • A plaque is in the works in honor of Geraldine McLaughlinTechnology Committee:
  • Benefactor link error-not all benefactors were showing- Rob has corrected the issue
  • Tina has created numerous list serves so that we are maximizing our volunteer outreach

Dog Park

  • LLC is still in the works
  • Location of “small dog” is being moved to a high elevated location within the existing dog park parameters
  • Fence posts are going in this week


Best Friends

  • Hilary will continue to be on the payroll until the end of the month
  • Potentially Hilary’s paid position would be distributed among volunteers
  • Looking into picking up garbage once per month instead of twice per month
  • Hilary will continue to fill in as needed until she moves
  • Tim made a motion to increase Leila Thurston’s wage 30%, Lucille Seconded.-2 opposed, motion carried.

Treasurer position 2016-will speak with current Treasurer regarding future of this position
Outdoor signage

  • Deb emailed 2 sign designs to the board, Suzanne will report back to Deb the positive feedback and to please continue

………Officers for 2016

  • Will need President, Vice President & Treasurer
  • Tony, Rob and Suzanne will be coming off the board for 2016
  • Debbie and Lucille will start a nomination committee for the upcoming positions

Entered Executive Session to vote on Board member – Jill Pearon 7:05pm

  • Debbie made motion to approve Jill as a new board member, Tony second-motion carried




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