Board Meeting Minutes 4/17/12


Members present: Bonnie, Helen Irene, Lucille, Amber, Jackie, Ruth, Linda, Rob, Carrie, Anne

Meeting called to order at 5:32

Bonnie mentioned that Kay DePerno is considering becoming a member and may join us.

Director’s Report:
Things going smoothly.  Repair people, especially carpenters are difficult to find, could use someone to assist with repairing kennels.  Presently concerned about Pit bull population some have been here nearly a year.  Anne is thinking about going to conference in July for re-education/renewal.  Anne will be presenting at luncheon of retired people in May.  Question about Town contracts, they go out in Sept. and usually by end of 1st quarter they have been paid.  She will contact the town(s) that haven’t paid.  Anne will contact Dan’s plumbing again about the old bathroom which doesn’t work properly.  St. Lawrence Gas contacted us that the rate will go down for the next few months.  Carrie will check into the specifics for Irene.  Anne mentioned that she would like assistance with administering PHS Facebook page, Carrie said she would be glad to assist on weekends.

Minutes of March meeting were motioned to approve by Irene, and Lucille seconded.  The minutes were approved.

Treasurers’ Report: Irene reported the following data:

Revenue: February Operating: 23,784.73 Expenses: 22,351.68

Capital:        4,005.00 0

Net Operating Income: 1,483.05

Net Capital Income: 4,005

Revenue: March:    Operating: 23,519.68 Expenses: 31,401.20

Capital: 2,005

Net Income: -7,881.52

This was due to 3 payrolls in March and reimbursement for Fall Fundraising.

At this point our budget looks like it’s on track.  Concern was expressed that the budget is short, but there are only 2 options: increase revenue or cut expenses.  The latter is difficult since the majority is animal care.

Motion to approve both Feb. & March reports by Carrie & seconded by Rob.  Motion carried.

Helen mentioned that we need to have an audit done by Pinto for Rural Development.  Carrie will talk with the accountant.


Paws took in $1235

Dinner theater: $1500

Dry Erase Boards will be coming and we will sell at future events.

Need advertising for “Little Help from Friends” the direct deposit, perhaps WWNY noon news?

Roger Dusharm is working on the golf tournament.

Lucille reported on Antique Show as fundraiser.  It needs to be planned a year in advance, develop contract, secure place that is easily accessible for vendors.  Could possibly piggy back with garden club plant sale.  Will see if May 3 & 4 would be possible @ Pine St.  Arena.  Lucille will contact Tim Carey re. availability.

It was reported that Cindy is still considering the PHS sign.  Perhaps a nonelectric changeable sign that could be rented out?

Need to work on donor recognition, signs, benches!  Rob has placed need for carpentry/handy skilled people on our website wish list.  Bonnie will contact Tracy Adle regarding the Leaves of Love.

Personnel policy regarding vacation time needs to be addressed.  Suggested a progressive plan depending upon length of time.  Jackie will meet with Anne regarding present Personnel policy.  Jackie will notify Personnel committee members of proposed change and it will be brought to the Board next month.

Animal cruelty coalition:  Anne has taken the helm interim.  Michelle Hazen is co-chair.  Amber said the committee needs direction.

Public Relations will set time for their meeting and will report next month.

New Business: Bonnie reported that attorney in Georgia has been contacted regarding bill.  He used $600+ toward court expense but we paid him $1400 and need to get $800 back.  Carrie will help with this, she knows an attorney who could assist in writing the letter to the Georgia attorney.

Carrie is working on a grant application and NYSERDA application.

Motion to adjourn by Rob. 7:15  Bonnie seconded.  Meeting was adjourned 7:15PM.

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