PR Committee meeting minutes – April 1, 2010


  1. News items can be posted by any by any board member or sent to PR Comm. to post.
  2. Gouverneur fund raiser – how much was collected?
  3. PR meetings are to be held the first Thursday of each month.
  4. Maresca Challenge has been met. This portion of the Cap. Campaign has been met. Other challenges need to be addressed to sustain the new shelter – mortgage, utilities, pet food, meds, litter, salaries, ins., etc.

Ideas for publicity:

  1. Big Al Catavitch or Beefy “Bad Boy” Wellington interview Ernie Maresca.
  2. Wanted section of Free Trader, NCTW – volunteers needed for various things, e.g. help w/ shelter database, etc.
  3. “Shelter News” regular section/article – shelter news, events, fund raising, animal cruelty, etc.
  4. Beefy “Bad Rap” Wellington – interviews, etc.

Respectfully submitted,
Lucille L. Waterson

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