Board Meeting Minutes 03/16/10




Board Members                                  Guests/Volunteers                   Staff               

Jane Amelotte                                                                                     Anne Smith (excused)

Tony Beane                                                                                        

Bonnie Boyd                                                              

Linda Caamano (excused)                 

Cindy Dusharm  

Rob Jewett

Irene Hargrave           

Helen Hollinger

Ruth Huckle (on leave of absence)

John Lancaster

Amber Lindsey

Jackie Pinover (excused)

Carrie Tuttle

Lucille Waterson


Location: SUNY Potsdam


1        President called meeting to order at 5:31 p.m.


2        Staff Report

·         Anne emailed report in advance of the meeting and was unable to attend the meeting tonight as she went to Watertown to attend a meeting with Tom Compo of Gymo, P.C.


3        Approval of Meeting Minutes

·         Rob motioned to approve minutes from February 16, 2010; Tony seconded; John abstained as he was not in attendance; all others approved.   


4        Treasurer’s Report

·         Operating income was $28,582.32 and expenses were $15,342.05.

·         Capital income was $52,754.64 and expenses were $0.00.

·         Financial reports were emailed to board in advance of the meeting.

·         Irene pointed out that the year to date donations (account 4200) are falling behind projections by about $3500. A copy of the YTD budget through 2/28/10 versus actual costs was handed out to the board.

·         Rob noted that he is preparing a computer equipment replacement schedule and budget impacts. He hopes to have this for the next meeting.

·         Need to raise $112,435.26 for capital campaign as of 3/12/10.

·         Maresca Challenge has raised approximately $62,000 to date.

·         Carrie motioned to approve finance reports, Cindy seconded; unanimously approved.


5        Committee Reports

·         Finance Committee – No finance committee meeting this month.

·         Animal Cruelty/Disaster Preparedness Committee

          Carrie made an announcement about the upcoming meeting on March 30, 2010 and invited all to attend. It will be held at the Canton Public Safety Building. She also passed out a handout that NYS local judges receive on Animal Cruelty and noted that this is posted on the web. It is very important for all of us to educate ourselves on NYS laws on animal cruelty so we can better help the cause.

·         Operations/Personnel Committee

          Cindy reported that she forwarded an email report out this morning. She also read the email for board members that had not seen the email.

          Cindy made a motion to go into executive session to discuss personnel issues, Jane seconded; unanimously approved.

          Cindy made a motion that: 1) Anne’s position be converted to exempt; 2) that she pay for her own internet service; 3) that her salary be increased to $28,000 per year ($1076.92 per pay period) effective the first full pay period after April 1st and; 4) that her job description and title be updated to Director. Jane seconded the motion and it was unanimously.

          Rob motioned we come out of executive session. Cindy seconded and the motion was unanimously approved.

          John made a motion that staff evaluations be moved to September annually to accommodate the annual budget setting process and that the board evaluate the Director’s performance.  The Director will evaluate all other staff and make a recommendation. Tony seconded the motion and the rest of the board unanimously approved.  

          John noted that he is working on a process to develop officer and committee responsibilities, and reviewing by-laws and plans to bring back to the board.

·         Fundraising Committee

          A report was emailed in advance of the meeting

          Approximately $700 was raised in South Colton

          PAWS was very successful. Over $500 raised by Ponderosa alone.

·         Publicity/PR Committee

          Lucille reported that committee decided on purpose; which is posted on the website.

          John made a motion to make the website public. Cindy seconded the motion.  Rob encouraged all board members to actively post and participate in the website.  Motion was unanimously approved.

          Bonnie requested clarification on how fund raising PR would be handled. Committee will discuss at their next meeting


6        Other Unfinished Business or Announcements

           Lucille reminded the board that we still need to elect officers. Carrie has accepted nomination as VP provided that a secretary is identified. Motion was made and accepted to table this to the next board meeting.


7        New Business



8        Motion to adjourn made by Rob at 7:17 p.m. and seconded by Cindy; unanimously approved.

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