Fundraising Committee minutes 3/1/2010


Fundraising Committee Minutes


March 1, 2010


Attendees: Jane Amelotte, Carolyn Halford, Linda Caamano, Leila Thurston,

Cindy Dusharm, Bonnie Boyd (Shirley Wisner…arrived on time and thought she had the wrong day and left L….please allow for our tardiness! So sorry, Shirley!)


Donor receipts for the PHS edited to include the word “Fundraiser” so that these sheets are filled out for all events to track the money and to credit the fundraiser appropriately and accurately.


Fundraisers discussed:


1. April: Date auction—aimed at College Students

Contact sororities and frats

Restaurants donate dinner, lunch for two

Find willing celebrity students…others bid to go to

Eating place with dream date

Minimum bids $30….can do online through paypal

Highest bid wins the date and gift certificates

Cost to PHS = nothing

2. March: Sleepy Hollow…% of tattoo donation as last year

McDuff’s cover charge on St. Pat’s to PHS

Bottle drive—around St. Pat’s


3. April: Dress down day in local schools just before spring break; faculty

donates in order to wear jeans, etc. to work

Education Challenge

Schools= MW (Adam) PH (Pam Claus) NN (Patty Dean)

CP (Jackie) SLC (Bonnie P.)

PCS (Tracy Sharlow Lisbon (Carol C?)

Canton (Carolyn Wright?) HD (Cindy? Joann


4. March: Lucas on the roof? (Jane and Bonnie to talk to Lucas)


5. March: Raffle basket (around spring theme) donated by Pam Claus

To be raffled at WalMart and/or ?? by K kids? Or student volunteers?

Also a 50/50 draw….


6. March: *Ashley House is having open house March 20 and 21–need

* Cat or kittens or bunnies there for all to oooh and ahh over

· Bottle drive for the K kids project for the PHS…drop off in trailer at the Ashley House driveway

· Carolyn will have a lovely basket to be raffled during event… ….drawing winner 21st

Glitter Paws Gift Shop…our jewelry on sale as always

7. March…ASAP..BINGO NIGHT for the ANIMALS..

American Legion in Potsdam? Jane’s dad and Ruth will be on

This one!


8. May Bubbles and Juggling…Taking this fundraiser away from

Summer Festival. Bonnie is checking with Doug R to see if he is

Available. Cindy is checking with AAK Middle School availability

Thinking Thursday, Friday…evening performances. Don’t know

How this will fly…


Suggestions for making money — 2 items: (Leila is researching prices)

1. magnets for cars (great advertising for us)

2. hats—forest green w/ brown paw and PHS embroidered on them! 2 sizes Youth/Adult


Would like to have these items ready ASAP for sale at all functions.




8. July…Summer fest

Tent…bikers have asked us to share a corner of our tent with them

Mini training spot in park…teaching basic dog tricks to dogs…charge small fee

Pet show? Without the Bubbles going on, we can focus down town as well as in the park.


9. PAWS fundraiser is winding down….will be collecting donations in the next week.


Next meeting: April 5th 10 AM Place to be determined.

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