December 15, 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

Potsdam Humane Society

Board of Directors Meeting

December 15, 2015 @ 5:30pm

Call to Order:


Meeting Minutes from November:

Bonnie Boyd, Tim seconded, approved


Deborah Massell, Suzanne Smith, Bonnie Boyd, Lucille Waterson, Amber Lindsey, Rob Jewett, Tony Beane, Alysia Maynard, Betty Wolf, Karen McAllistor, Tina Flanagan, Tim Donahue, Irene Hargrave, Randy Page, Amanda Crump


Jill Pearon, Debbie Finnegan


Leila, Matt


John Parcell and Nathan Wray made presentation of their PHS Financial Statement

Handed out a draft, Dec. 31, 2015. Needed to change the wording a bit. Audit comparing 2013-1014. Went through explaining each page.

Irene asked about the Morgan Stanley stocks having been devaluated, not included in net assets. Must ride out the market long-term. Advised to let it sit and not cash in anything.

We are required to have a separate bank account that we deposit into yearly. Need this for necessary repairs and can use funds with permission from Rural Development. Do not need to replace the funds if used for a repair.

Explained funds that are restricted. To petition the state it takes a long time, Attorney General. In future, if requesting donations, ask I the moment or write a letter to request use of the money both towards their wishes and also use it for something else.

Why must we do an inventory for Best Friends? Not-for-profit and the inventory is “material” so it’s needed. It could be that other non-profits are not doing it correctly if they are NOT doing this. John said he will go back and read the rules again to make absolutely sure since it doesn’t seem logical when the total inventory doesn’t exceed $50,000.

Audits vs. Reviews: IRS and NY State. NY State requires the audit. Because thresholds are going up, we will end up getting a review and not an audit after 2015.

Dog park: talk to an attorney and insurance agent. Accidents could also happen in the shelter. What is the risk? Are we better off with a membership. Excess policy paid by the dog park? Capello Linden.



A special Thank you to Alysia for all of her hard work for the end of the year donation drive. We have collected close to $17,000 in donations so far

A couple of the long term residents have been adopted

Wyndam County came and took 6 cats and they will be back to take some more. We are presently down to 88 cats and kittens.

Maplewood campus took 1 cat for the facility and are considering taking another cat

Also sent 4 dogs over to SUNY Canton


Finance Reports: Budget vs. Actuals: PHS 2015 Budget (as of 12/9/15)

Profit and Loss November 2015

Balance Sheet As of November 30, 2015

Bill Paid – November 2015

Income: 25044.79

Expenses: 30379.61

Net Income: -5334.82

2 Year contract with Veridian is up in August 2016

Still receiving approx. $46/month from Veridian

Received $965 in donations in the month of November via Paypal

Best Friends (figures as of 11/30/2015)

Income: $52,631.93

Expenses: $34,160.67

Net Income: $18,471.26

Shelter (Figures as of 12/09/2015)

Income: $351,285.95

Expenses: $358,616

Net Income:  $-7330.05

2014 Beg Letters (End of 2014-February 2015) resulted in $22,661

In 2016, we will be working on the necessary steps needed to apply for grants

Suzanne made motion to approve the financials, Tim second, none opposed-motion carried

Fund Raising: None


Some of the panels in the adoption kennel area need repair. Matt provided various options for different replacement materials. The operations committee will gather some estimates for repairs. Final decision will be made via email.

Matt also suggested added ice guards to the adoption kennel roof on the back side of the building

Betty made a motion to purchase the ice guards, Tim second-all in favor, none opposed-motion carried

Public Relations & Donor Recognition: None

Technology Committee: 

Tina has taken over as the committee chair

Dog Park

The new dog park sign has been installed

The dog park logo is in process. Deb presented the prototype to the board. All in attendance were in favor.

Best Friends

Still looking for volunteers



Betty made a motion to adjourn, Irene second-all in favor, none opposed-motion carried


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