Board Meeting Minutes 9/21/2010

PHS Meeting Minutes 9/21/2010

Present: Jackie, Cindy, Linda, Amber, Helen, Irene, Jackie, Bonnie, Rob, John, Tony, Jane (excused 5:50 PM), Lucille (arrived 5:55 PM) and Anne

Meeting called to order at 5:40 by Bonnie.

Staff Report: Anne reported that a cleaner is off on medical leave and another person is filling in for her until Oct. 20. The Moonlight kennel operation has been closed, just one month after opening. Starting our feral/stray cat program. Have S/N 8 cats to date. And have made a little $ as Dr. Gordon is charging PHS the minimal amount and then we charge a minimal fee. Anne is developing a packet to vets that will give info on what PHS does, and would have sign up form if they would be willing to do free check up for adopters, and then would request the vet to provide PHS with cost sheet it would charge PHS of fees for basic services. Would also like them to do one clinic a month. The Build A Bear grant will also go to this S/N service. The town contracts are out, at just under 3% increase. Canton is still in the decision process, and Hermon is expressing interest. Anne posted her report on PHS website.

Minutes of last meeting motioned to approve by Cindy, seconded by Rob. Motion approved.

Financial report: presented by Irene and Helen. August Operations Receipts $16,094.48 and Disbursements $13,621.59 for total of +$2,472.89

Capital Campaign Receipts for August were $3,288.72 and Disbursements $525.00 for total of +$2,763.72.

There was no Financial Committee meeting this month, but the Committee will get together to develop a 2011 budget so it can be presented at October meeting. John recommended that the finance committee consider dedicating a part of the profit of our endowment (perhaps 5%) to pay down our mortgage annually. The spirit of this is to pay down the mortgage as soon as possible. Irene suggested that we find some people to assist us on grant writing.

Jackie motioned to approve treasurers’ report and Cindy seconded. Motion approved.

Fund Raising Committee: $1782 was raised from Mystery Dinner Theater at Julian’s, which will go to Operations.

Posters are available for the Angelo’s dinner, Oct. 17 from noon to last seating 4:30PM.

Tickets for Quilt Raffle are available. Drawing is Dec. 18 at Ashley House Christmas Open House. Linda is organizing dates for the banks where it will be displayed. Linda wondered if Potsdam still did Nov./Dec. Santa parade and perhaps we could put quilt displayed on it.

Carolyn Alford is organizing a group of cottage owners on Lake Ozonia to agree to give one week’s rental to PHS.

No news on bid contracts.

Animal protection/cruelty meeting next Tuesday 9/28 at Jail.

Public Relations met and John and Lucille mailed out Julian’s fundraising cards to select donors. Something could go out regularly to media called “pat on the back” to people who have volunteered/contributed during the previous month. They are also working on the ground breaking ceremony hopefully the mayor, RD and others will be on hand including the media. Rob posted the PR Committee meeting minutes on PHS website.

Motion to adjourn by Lucille seconded by Rob. Meeting adjourned at 6:50 PM.

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