Board Meeting Minutes 9/20/11




MEMBERS PRESENT: Amber, Irene, Carrie, Cindy, Bonnie, Lucille, Ruth, Jackie, Helen, Linda, Anne




DIRECTOR’S REPORT:  Our disaster preparedness plan is ready to submit to the state.  Hoping to get tri-county involvement.  Anne will take care of representing PHS at animal cruelty meetings.  Currently working on cat situation in Parishville, as well as horse problem.  Town contracts are going out, some will be raised based on use.  Volunteer orientation super, now have volunteer coordinators as well as approx. 80 vols.  Also have foster care program coordinator.  Have 5 work study students.  Desperately need another vet tech, as Alyssia is straight out with no assistance.  She has a difficult time with euthanizing.  The security panel is out of order, the fire alarm went off the other day and fire dept. never came as it wasn’t notified.  There is a man who will install the FRP for us in new dog runs by grand opening for $450.  Anne will check the man’s references.  Our six cleaners are currently working about 6 hours a day.  George is the supervisor and as such if he works out would need a raise.  Presently shelter is overwhelmed with kittens, some of whom have upper respiratory illness.  Perhaps we are overtaxing our current shelter? Anne said that she has received a $10,000 grant for generator.  Carrie will get specs from engineer for a generator and check it out.



Carrie reported that we need action on capital project.  Motion to approve release of all funds on final Form E #11 upon recommendation from GYMO to release retainage by Carrie, seconded by Cindy.  Motion carried.  Motion to approve final payment to GYMO of $1593.45 and interest expense for the month of approximately $2200 (exact amount will be provided tomorrow 9/21/11 after walk through) by Carrie and seconded by Jackie.  Motion carried.   Carrie made motion to approve substantial completion forms, Cindy seconded, motion carried.


MINUTES:  Carrie motioned Cindy seconded to approve August meeting minutes.  Motion passed.


FINANACIAL REPORT: Irene & Helen presented financial report.  Right on course with income & expenses, but we have not started to pay our mortgage yet.  Our loan amount to RD will be $431,940.   Discussed concerns for next year’s budget and needs for raises and additional staff.   August 2011:

Operating Receipts: $25,070.51.  Capital Receipts: $435.57

Operating Expenses: $25,662.29.  Capital Expenses: $19,360.19


FUNDRAISING:  Sept. 24 is Pars for Paws have excess of 50 golfers.

Oct. 1 is Purina Dog Show at Pine St. Arena.  We need volunteers to assist with day!  Shifts will be from 7:30AM- 5PM.  Will also have volunteer orientation (and will also decorate) Friday Sept. 30 in evening.

Dinner theater is Wed. Oct. 5 at Best Western, $50 per person.

Oct. 22 is Clarkson’s Hoopla

Oct. 29 is SUNY Potsdam Haunted House


Oct. 15 is our Grand Opening from 10:30- 3


Public relations came up with duties for everyone for Grand Opening.  Carrie is working retrieving old data and will mail merge it and create mailing labels so they can be printed on envelopes.  Cindy has presented all of her information from donation thank yous.  Planning meeting for Grand Opening will be 3pm on Sept. 27.  State Director of Rural Development will be here and RD will help with public relations press releases.  Carrie researched naming plaque ideas and brought pictures. Cindy is working on getting quotes for a permanent road sign for outside the shelter.  She brought drawings/specs from Northeastern Sign.   The initial estimate she has received was approx. $2500.  Carried said that she may have additional contacts to manufacture a sign.


Meeting adjourned at 7:38pm



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