Board Meeting Minutes 9/15/09

Potsdam Humane Society

Board Meeting Minutes 9/15/09



Board Members                                  Guests/Volunteers                   Staff

Tracy Adle (excused)                          Tom Compo                            Anne Smith

Jane Amelotte (excused)                     Jill Aikens                              

Bonnie Boyd                                                              

Linda Caamano (excused)                 

Cindy Dusharm

Rob Jewett

Irene Hargrave           

Helen Hollinger (excused)

Ruth Huckle

John Lancaster (excused)

Amber Lindsey

Jackie Pinover

Carrie Tuttle

Lucille Waterson


Location: SUNY Potsdam


1        President called meeting to order at 5:32 p.m.


2        Gymo

·         Tom Compo and Jill Aikins from Gymo attended the meeting to discuss status of the engineering budget and project costs.

·         RD requires full-time resident inspection services for all construction. Tom believes that we can get RD to accept half time inspection services. Estimate includes 2-3 days per week for inspection for 9 months.

·         Additional engineering was required when project was converted to RD funding; to modify bid documents, specifications, etc.

·         Total additional fees are: $40,100.00 for inspection services and $6,500 for additional design services.

·         Jill reported that she had sent Jim Sheehan a copy of the site drawings; but said he was willing to donate services for excavation, backfill, and water and sewer hook-ups. Donated services could be upwards to $250k.

·         Gymo will confirm how much site work is in the $802,471 and confirm the quantity of materials that are included.

·         Tom will prepare a formal estimate for the site work.

·         Carrie motioned to approve amended engineering services agreement, Jackie seconded; unanimously approved.

·         Drawings will be completed by the end of September. Bid duration will be about 1-month. We need to make sure that we have funding in place before we bid. Some site work could be done by Sheehan now.


3        President’s Report

·         Lucille made a motion to appoint Tony Bean to the board, Cindy seconded; unanimously approved.


4        Interim Director’s Report

·         Carrie provided format for editing protocols; Anne is in the process of updating.

·         Materials and supply list: Medical, General Cleaning, and Maintenance are complete. Office supply list is in-progress.

·         New autoclave has been put in service. Cost was about $3,100. Saved old autoclave, repair may be possible.

·         Some equipment is being stored at Adle’s barn.

·         Anne wants to replace some of the guillotine doors in the kennels. Tom suggested that Anne purchase the doors that have been quoted and try a couple out.

·         Todd Cramer is going to be at Potsdam Police Department putting on a seminar on data collection programs and efforts to increase adoption on Oct. 17 (Saturday – whole day 9-3 event). Some shelters involved are Ogdensburg, Jefferson County SPCA, Hogansburg, and Saranac Lake.  Seminar is free of charge for participating shelters. SPCA believes their Mission Orange efforts can result in increased efficiencies and more shared services. Primarily targeted at large municipal efforts.

·         Seven Clarkson work study students are helping Shelter.

·         22 return student volunteers, and 74 new volunteers. Several have been sent on to Tracy to help with fund raising.

·         Anne has been doing regular meetings with cleaners. Anne would like to do evaluations on staff performance (Kathy and Justine) not just cleaners.

·         Anne has questions about what duties Kathy will be doing and what duties Board will be doing when Shelter expansion is complete.

·         Tony suggested that Anne have staff develop job descriptions and then she review the job descriptions with them to ensure they are on the same page.

·         Anne said that we need to take a stand on our shelter status: are we or aren’t we a “no kill” shelter. Board clarified that our policies are very clear that we strive to find a home for all animals that find their way too our shelter.

·         Anne is tasked with researching Shelter terminology. Key word is “adoptable”.

·         Jackie suggested that we schedule a special meeting to discuss this topic.


5        Minute Approval

·         Amber Motioned and Jackie seconded to approve meeting minutes from 08/18/09; unanimously approved.


6        Committee Reports


   Capital Project Funding

  • Jay Schechter pledged $5,000 for medical challenge. We are up to about $37,000 for the medical challenge.
  • The Board requested that on a weekly basis Jane provides an update to Jackie on any spaces that have been reserved; and a list of all donations to Cindy for “thank you notes.” On a bi-monthly basis, prior to Board meetings, a total accounting of all capital donations received is necessary. The Board requested that this information be emailed in advance of the meetings.
  • Mailings to adopters went out last week.


   Presidents Report

·         5 PHS staff and board members went to animal cruelty workshop

·         Bonnie reported that Pat Tubbs’s mother passed away

– Public Relations & Marketing

·         Bonnie would like a Committee to work on Holiday greeting card. Lucille. volunteered to work on that. Jackie volunteered her husband to take the pictures

·         Bonnie would like to get picture of Angelo in front of his restaurant with a dog

·         Jackie made a motion to give professional staff Angelo’s event tickets, Cindy seconded; unanimously approved.


  Animal Cruelty Report

·         Ruth and Bonnie met with Greg Paquin and Karen St. Hillaire.

·         Karen St. Hillaire said that we do need County wide dog control officer.

·         Ruth will contact the SLC Legislators to get on 9/21 agenda to present issues to entire legislative board.


  Board Development

  • Lucas Manning may be potential new Board member after RD project is complete.

   Personnel Committee

  • Nothing to report


·         Town Contracts went out. Irene will need the contracts for budget next year. Total increase requested was $2850 more than last year. The Town of Potsdam increase is unknown at this time, as it is left up to the Town to decide on increase.  

·         Dr. Gordon asked if Shelter could sell rabies vaccines and she said no b/c it could set a precedent. Board agreed that it was okay for Bumpo to have his vaccines paid for by the Shelter.


   Finance Committee

·         Capital fund expenses for August were $1,024.00 and income was $7,201.93.

·         Operating Fund Expenses were $15,395.03 and income was $9,490.72.  

·         Carrie made a motion that we get 3 quotes for our accounting services, Tony seconded; unanimously approved. Finance Committee will be responsible for getting quotes.

·         Jackie had a question on profit and loss statement. Irene noted that Gymo engineering fees had been miscoded to fund raising. This will be corrected.

·         Jackie motioned to approve August financial reports, Ruth seconded; unanimously approved.

·         Finance Committee will discuss online Quickbooks program and make recommendation.


7        Fund Raising Committee

·         Next event is Angelos

·         Tracy will be in Norwood Park Saturday for Art fair

·         Parishville Amvets will have Walk-a-thon

·         Lucille’s sister has volunteered to manage thrift shop if we can find a venue


8        Other Business

·          Rob asked to have group assigned to look at technology; Anne will email what she wants to Rob and Carrie.


9        Motion to adjourn made at 7:43 p.m. by Rob and seconded by Tony; unanimously approved.

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