Board Meeting Minutes 8/21/2012


Members present: Bonnie, Amber, Carrie, Linda, Kay, Tony, Lucille, Ruth, Rob, Jackie,

Helen, Irene, Anne, Alysia

Meeting called to order: 5:32PM

Director’s report: Anne asked for discussion on Pierrepont Town contract issue.  They have been assessed $7,000 which is too high and they do not want to pay and are attempting to begin their own pound.  Carrie felt we should put our counter offer in writing and mail to the Town Supervisor to educate them long term cost savings would not be there.  This letter then has to be brought up at public meeting.   Anne will draft a letter for PHS Board to review & submitted by PHS Board to Pierrepont Town Supervisor by August 24.

We have signed Town of Hermon beginning September 2012.

Vet techs wonder if we would pay for their license renewal fee, the cost is $137.00 for 3 years.  Carrie recommended that we table this at this point and discuss it during executive session.

Carrie looked at kennel runs and feel that fixing them is crucial, the longer we wait the worse it will be and the costlier it would be to repair.  Ruth suggested that we borrow the money from the endowment and if/when the grant Carrie has written for this came in it would be repaid.  Tony seconded the motion.  Irene said that in dividends earned we have $3282 and have $6000 in Capital Campaign account. When the treasurers reported the financial status that we do have $22,034 in interest, Ruth rescinded her motion.  She made a new motion that we take the cost of repair from our dividend interest not to exceed $15,000.  Carrie seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  Anne and Alysia left the meeting.

Minutes of July meeting were on line.  Bonnie mentioned that a staff member’s name was misspelled and needs to be corrected in the minutes.  Rob motioned to approve the minutes with correction and Irene seconded.   Motion carried.

Treasurers’ Report:
Irene reported that
July income: $20,267.15

July expenses: $25,080.25

July  net income:  -$4813.10

Year to Date:

income: $170,768.82

expenses: $176,896.80

net income: -$6,127.98

It was explained that insurance was paid during July, $3846.34, making the July monthly expenses higher than usual.

Helen mentioned that she & Bonnie signed off on formal audit and should receive the audit in next couple of weeks.

Motion to approve Treasurers’ report by Tony, seconded by Amber.  Motion carried.

Committees Reports:

Fundraising Committee:

Yard Sale: Bonnie is disappointed in the volunteer sign up for yard sale.  Need help in all shifts, 8-5 Friday and Saturday 8/24 & 8/25.  Amber mentioned that when volunteers come could they take one bag of trash with them and dispose of it that would help the clean up greatly.

Aug. 31 Pars for Paws Golf Tournament: registration 11AM Ruth, Lucille, Bonnie will help, need additional volunteers.

Sept. 8 Cruisin for Critters: Kay, Lucille, Jackie volunteered to set up @ 9AM

Sept. 8 Northern Symphonic Winds will have concert for us at Crane, need people to sell tickets Bonnie will email the specific time and location to us.

PR Committee: Calendar of informational articles for monthly newspapers.  Showed sample of new ad for adoptable pets sponsored by area businesses.

New Business: Carrie & Kay have worked on “beg letter” will be mailed out before end of August.

Bonnie mentioned the Lizardi memorial we should think about what we would like to do.

We went into Executive session:

Motion to adjourn meeting 7:34 by Rob seconded by Irene.

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