Board Meeting Minutes 8/20/2013

PHS Board Minutes 8/20/13


Members Present: Carrie, Jackie, Linda, Tony, Kay, Helen, Irene, Ruth, Suzanne, Amber, Karen, Rob, Bonnie, Lucille

Guests: Pam Short, Bill Coakley

Staff: Alysia, Bonnie P.


Meeting called to order: 5:30


Presentation by Pam Short & Bill Coakley on Viridian Energy.


Staff report:

Animal control officers asking for rabies vaccine from PHS. They are also looking at reduced cost thru patient assistance program. We decided that at this point it’s not a budgeted item and can’t afford it, since we would also have to vaccinate other staff. If they were in contact with rabid animal they could after fact be covered thru worker’s compensation.

Alysia would like to hire Jessica Slapar as full time vet tech as there are too many animals.


Correspondence report: Watertown Daily Times article on Alysia, good but concerned about that it appeared that we were desperate financially. Suzanne will draft some talking points for Board members and Alysia.


Minutes: Motion to approve minutes by Tony, seconded by Rob. Carried.


June revenue: 19,862.98

expenses: 17,679.04

July revenue: 20,937.74

expenses: 19,808.71

Motion to approve June & July financial report by Tony, seconded by Linda. Carried.


Pars for Paws July 26, 2014

Garage Sale: August 23 + 24

Lancaster BBQ Sept 8, 3pm-6pm

Cruisin for Critters: Sept. 8 coffee donuts for registration at 9am Lucille, Kay, Jackie volunteered.

Sept 1 for 2 weeks all 3 Save A Lot will be doing “round up bill for PHS” they would like PHS with animals there at stores.

Adopt a Shelter” business challenge appeal is getting ready to roll out.


PR: Lucille reported on the next few months article assignments


Personnel Committee met with Alysia regarding job objectives that are concrete and she said she will have them for us next week. Discussed process for evaluating & re-evaluating animals so that we’re not warehousing animals. Discussed advertising our foster care program its advantages. Also discussed with her getting the highly adoptable animals pushed thru process that are in intake out in “foster to adopt”.

Re-evaluate pricing of animals since we have so many.

Motion for “free feline” week by Kay, seconded by Ruth, motion carried.

Motion to authorize Alysia to hire Jessica as temporary full time vet tech by Kay, seconded by Irene. Motion carried.



Old Business:

More recognition plaques are up thanking donors!

Generator will receive generator sometime this fall. Then need to get quotes for installation.


Committee assignments on hold at moment.


New Business:

Motion for Irene to sign PHS up with Viridian Power company by Bonnie, seconded by Tony. Motion carried. (Board members, please wait to sign up until Irene lets you know we’re officially registered.)


Bonnie has talked with Northeastern Sign about a sign. Bonnie will also check into electronic sign prices.


Motion to adjourn meeting by Rob, seconded by Tony. Meeting was adjourned: 8:17pm.



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