Board Meeting Minutes 7/19/2011



Members present: Bonnie, Irene, Tony, Jackie, Anne, Ruth, Linda, Carrie, Amber, Cindy, Helen

Meeting called to order at 5:34PM.

Construction report: Carrie read report submitted from Tom Compo.  Anne said keys and kitchen sink need to be completed in addition to several “punch list” items.  Substantial completion resolution needed from the Board.  Building inspection by town code enforcement is scheduled for tomorrow, 7/20 for certificate of occupancy, meeting with RD on Thursday 7/21 was cancelled.  Cindy reported on blacktop costs.  She has spoken with Barrretts for material and Mike Ward for the spreading of blacktop. It will cost approximately $16,000.  They could do it on a Friday and Saturday possibly at the end of July.

Project related expenses for this period are:

$3505.50 Empire plumbing

$3,295.50 GYMO

$9,180.00 Empire mechanical

$13,500.00 Loran

$1,352.71 Interest on short term loan

$4,475.18  Closing costs

Amber made motion to approve these payments on Form E and zero out the contingency to use for closing costs, Tony seconded, the motion passed.

Carrie recommended that we run cost of paving (approximately $16,000) and the closing costs through Form E as well if additional funds become available. Board consensus was to do this.

Carrie made a motion to approve purchase of aluminum and installation for replacement baseboard not to exceed $4000.  Anne will get final quote for this and place order by Thursday.  Tony seconded motion.  Motion passed.


Director’s report: Looking at total cleaners’ hours presently 14.75 hrs./day.  Working on finalizing Operations Manual (that will be available for all Board members as well as Police Dept.) and a Volunteers Manual.   St. Lawrence Co. Chamber of Commerce asked if we wanted to renew our ad in their window, approx. $295.  Consensus was this didn’t generate much revenue and not to spend this money.  Anne also has ideas for upcoming workshops held in our community room that will generate money.


Minutes: Linda motioned and Helen seconded to approve June meeting minutes.  Motion passed.


Treasurers’ report:  Helen reported that we are only lacking $7786.42 from reaching our $500,000 goal (this doesn’t include the Maresca money).

Irene reported June Operating Revenue $15,305.16

Operating Expenses $17,321.03

Capital Revenue: $8,026.57

Capital Expenses: $2,591.81

She mentioned that we need to have our regular audit done by August 15, and we also need an audit for RD.  These audits will total approx. $9,000.

Carrie brought up concern of budget areas exceeding line items.  Finance committee will look at this and report more closely to Anne.  Motion to approve Treasurers’ report by Tony, seconded by Cindy.  Motion carried.


Bonnie made the Fundraising Committee report.  Upcoming events where volunteers will be needed: Colton Country Days July 23, South Colton Days July 30, Parishville Festival-Flea Market in August.


Ruth motioned to adjourn meeting Helen seconded.  Meeting was adjourned 7:17.


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