Board Meeting Minutes 6/16/09

Potsdam Humane Society

Board Meeting Minutes 6/16/09



Tracy Adle

Jane Amelotte (excused)

Bonnie Boyd

Linda Caamano

Tom Compo (guest – excused  

Cindy Dusharm

Laura Duvall

Rob Jewett

Irene Hargrave

Helen Hollinger

Ruth Huckle

Amber Lindsey

Jackie Pinover

Anne Smith

Carrie Tuttle

Lucille Waterson


Location: SUNY Potsdam


1 President called meeting to order at 5:33 p.m.


2 Gymo Update on Capital Project –

· Technical specifications at 95% and plans are complete with the exception of bid forms.

· Board discussed carpeting, and decided that they do not want carpet anywhere in the facility.

· Carrie will follow up with RD on the status of the application.

· Would make sense to directly order certain items like kennel doors.

· Bids will not be issued until RD commitment is received.

· Project budget is higher than we thought it was going to be.

· Gymo engineering budget is expended and actual expenses have been exceeded.

o Several unforeseen circumstances have been encountered. Some issues encountered include drain problems; no underground utility mark-outs completed; high uncertainty with regard to location and condition of underground utilities. Second trip to site revealed that cover was actually 5-feet on sanitary sewer line so a pump station is not needed.

o Overage on engineering fees is approximately $16,000.

o Tom mentioned that Town Highway Spvs. is willing to help with drainage problems.

o Carrie motioned to approve $8,000 increase to finish design phase services, Cindy seconded motion. Unanimously approved.

o Carrie reminded the Board that there will be additional construction phase engineering services which will be discussed later in the project.



3 Interim Executive Director’s Report (Anne provided a written report)

· 97.3% save rate for dogs and cats.

· Kennel cough required that 2 dogs be euthanized.

· Ringworm prevention – all cats are dipped upon admission.

· Chad Zeller has resigned.

· Members of cleaning staff have been notified that there will be bi-annual performance evaluations.

· LVT, Samantha Keller, replaces Chad as cleaner from 6/17 – 12/31 and working as intern for college credit.

· Dave LaShomb’s position for the town of Potsdam has been filled by Dan Parker.

· Clarkson work study volunteers have been very valuable.

· Increased number of people interested in donating their time.

· Mission Orange meeting was held in Watertown.

· Back door of Shelter replaced.

· Two Have-A-Hart traps purchased for Shelter.

· Justine is certified to euthanize and Alicia will be sent to get certification in July.


4 Minutes

· Carrie motioned and Lucille seconded to approve minutes from 6/2; unanimously approved.


5 Presidents Report

· Meeting with Christy Lancaster and Pat Tubbs and Doctor’s Wives to discuss more donors.

· Then folders and packets will be completed and ready to print.

· Mailing to prior donors is tentatively going to be done on Thursday.


6 Finance Report

· May Report: Capital Income received was $12,737.90; Capital Expenses were $10,551.93. Operating Income received was $4,379.00; Operating Expenses were $24,168.38.

· Jackie motioned to approve May financial statements; Cindy seconded; unanimously approved.

· Reviewed increase in medical expenses and attributed cause of increase due to additional medical supplies to try and treat animals versus euthanize.

· Discussed ways to raise more money for medical treatment of animals through use of Paypal and Website.


7 Committee Reports

· Animal Cruelty Report

o Lucille made the motion, and Jackie seconded to send out a letter to all the people in Carrie’s original letter. Lucille will “smooth out” letter and Bonnie will have final approval.


· Board Development

o Dr. Tony Beane to query interest in becoming a board member.

o By-laws have been revised to increase the number of Board members from 12 – 18, add Mission Statement, and reflect some minor edits. Officers will be elected in October and take office in January.

o Established officer position of “corresponding secretary”.

o Lucille suggested that Personnel Committee establish job description for corresponding secretary.

o Cindy motioned, seconded by Jackie to approve amended by-laws. Unanimously approved.


· Personnel Committee

o No updates.


· Operations

o Kennel doors have not been repaired. Anne is still working on this.

o Received another offer for trash removal.


· Capital Project

o Previously reported during Gymo report.


· Fund Raising

o Bubble-mania – local students have received notices. Will be billed over $500 of school for janitorial services.

o Tracy provided an update on the fund raising events on a separate schedule. She needs amount totals for some events.


8 Other

· Need to discuss Bubble-mania schedule to work; will be handled in committee

· Reminder that next meeting is in a different room.


9 Motion to adjourn made at 7:10 p.m. by Lucille and seconded by Ruth; unanimously approved.


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