Board Meeting Minutes 5/17/2011

PHS MINUTES May 17, 2011

Members Present: Jane, Jackie, Bonnie, John, Ruth, Linda, Rob, Irene, Helen, Tony, Lucille, Anne and guest Bill (Gymo)

Meeting called to order: 5:34PM

Director’s Report: Anne is talking with Renewal House about ideas. Adoptions are down. PHS is the only shelter in county that is prepared with its own disaster preparedness plan, which she finds frustrating. There was only one vet who returned the PHS questionnaire. Animal welfare community also is not pulling together. Jane suggested that perhaps members of PHS board visit other shelter board meetings. Linda, Bonnie and Jane volunteered to do this. John suggested opening communications another year by initiating/sponsoring a conference open to shelters, vets, etc.

Bill from GYMO answered questions. Jackie asked about siding on windows old part of building whether it would be trimmed, he responded that it is being negotiated. She also asked about the front window where the gas line is in place and middle of window. That is also being negotiated. Jane asked about whether the old windows could be placed in our garage sale, that is possible. We are tentatively on schedule (mid-June) waiting for approval by RD for removal of old floor.

Minutes of April meeting. Linda motioned to approve, Rob seconded; all in favor, motion approved.

Treasurer’s report. Irene reported from Finance Committee, and the report has been emailed to all. She mentioned that we do need to put our accounting service out to bid for 2012. Revenue for April was $17,669.44 and Expenses were $22,553.06 for a loss of -$4,883.62.

The Capital Fund Revenue for April was $8,636.19 and Expenses were $5.612.86, for gain of $3,023.33.

Discussion of Ebay/Paypal. Rob will check into whether PHS has Ebay account already to sell and donate. Jane would like to try to sell items on Ebay and would need PayPal to receive payment.

Helen reported on the amount needed to meet our goal of $500,000. Rob motioned to approve finance report, Linda seconded. Motion approved unanimously.

Tony will check out another insurance company for another quote.

Jane reported on fundraising committee meeting. The two- month fundraising programs begin in Sept. Specific information with a calendar of activities will be given to each board member. Thus far SUNY Canton, Potsdam and Clarkson will all participate.

Public Relations: Lucille reported that PR committee met via conference call, was very successful. The report is on our website.

Construction progress Bonnie reported that Cindy Dusharm has secured bids for blacktop and binder. We still owe $1400 for #1 stone to Barrett.

Unfinished business:

Discussed status of the naming plaques for the grand opening.

Bonnie reported on her trip to Georgia. Bonnie said that the estate is now in Superior Court. Humane Society US is now contesting the will. Bonnie is still willing to go to Georgia with Dine Kennedy, if we don’t go we will not be represented and will get nothing, however if we do go there is no guarantee that we will receive anything.

Jane motioned to reimburse Bonnie $330 for her ticket to GA, Jackie seconded motioned, motion passed unanimously.

Motion to adjourn by Rob. Meeting was adjourned 7:20PM. Next meeting June 21.

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