Board Meeting Minutes 4/19/2011



Members Present: Bonnie, Carrie, Irene, Linda, Jackie, Anne, Mindy Sharpe (guest), Rob, Cindy, Ruth, Bill (guest-GYMO), Jane, Helen, Lucille

Meeting called to order 5:33

Carrie motioned to move Ruth from sabbatical status into active Board member, Linda seconded. Motion carried.

Bill reported that project going well. Hope that might obtain temporary certificate of occupancy by the end of this week, this is only good for 90 days. Need to have plumbers complete their punch list. Another progress meeting with contractors will be next week. Date for completion is end of May.

Change order bill for Watson electric for $2,514.58. Carrie motioned to approve this, Ruth seconded. Motion passed.

Payment applications: GYMO: $6591

Loran: $45,227.56

Empire: $14,103 (mechanical)

Watson Electric: $6,989.16

Empire: $9,975.44 (plumbing)


Total for this period: $82,886.15

Motion to approve payment by Carrie, seconded by Jackie. Motion carried.

Anne’s director report on line. Getting ready to spend operations money for old shelter for cleaning (hoses, etc.).

Linda motioned to approve March minutes, Cindy seconded. Motion carried.

Irene reported on Treasurer/Finance committee. Anne is now utilizing Quick Books for donor list. March operating revenue: $16,959.78 and expenses $13,856.43

Capital Fund: Revenue: $8,510.10

Expenses: $100,000

Motion to approve by Cindy, seconded by Rob. Motion carried.

Jane reported on insurance estimate for new building from McFadden Dier: $3,677. If we want a million dollar “umbrella” over that it would be an additional $1000.

Fundraising Committee: Bonnie brought up policy question of serving meat at fundraising events as she is concerned about upcoming events scheduled for SUNY Canton. Rob made motion to table this discussion, for executive session. Motion carried.

Mindy Sharpe, SUNY Canton fundraising volunteer, spoke regarding “Cruisin’ for Critters”. Launi Bush has told her that when PHS told her meat couldn’t be served that her organization felt it couldn’t sponsor it for us. Mindy also spoke regarding a fishing tournament. Perhaps the Waddington Chamber of Commerce would sponsor it for us? It could involve children and build up fast. Mindy left the meeting.

After much discussion it was determined that the fundraising committee could plan events at other locations where food (including meat) could be served. (This would be similar to Angelo’s dinner where we assisted and he wrote us a check.) We could have the October parents’ weekend at SUNY Canton as well as a golf tournament. We decided that a fishing tournament would not be allowed. We need to look at our former motion regarding serving meat at functions and educate ourselves as well as the community about it. Rob and Carrie will look into finding our previous motion.

Jane furthered fundraising information with offer from Halfords for raffle of an August weekend at their Lake Ozonia camp. Tickets will be available soon and we can also to take them to Madrid Bluegrass Festival the end of June, etc.

We will do a float in the Norwood 4th July parade, email shelter adoptees to participate with picture of their animal (not with the animal itself).

Jane is also setting up Ebay auction of items and will take donations.

Animal Cruelty Committee Carrie reported on meeting. Seems to be strong group of active people. Carrie will step down as chairperson, and at this point no one else seems to be willing to do this role. The next meeting is May 24 @ 6PM.

PR Committee meeting reported by Lucille. They met and reviewed upcoming events and publicity for them. We have made changes to website to publicize these. Have 3 “faces” on web, our own website, Facebook and Twitter. We need to start getting publicity out there about pledging $ per month. We need monthly articles in North Country This Week. Irene mentioned website called “Network for Good” where individuals can pledge so much per month. Rob said he could put something on our website about “Network for Good”.

Bonnie is going to Georgia to be in court May 16 with Dine Kennedy regarding the Ardis Coller Brown estate. The estate is now worth approx. $100,000.

Next meeting will be May 17, Bonnie will not be there, Jackie will preside over the meeting.

Motion to adjourn 7:52PM by Jane seconded by Carrie.


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