Board Meeting Minutes 3/24/09

Potsdam Humane Society

Board Meeting Minutes 3/24/09


Tracy Adle

Jane Amelotte

Bonnie Boyd

Linda Caamano

Cindy Dusharm

Rob Jewett (excused)

Irene Hargrave

Helen Hollinger (excused)

Adam Huckle

Ruth Huckle

Amber Lindsey (excused)

Jackie Pinover

Carrie Tuttle

Lucille Waterson


Location: SUNY Potsdam

1 President called meeting to order at 5:48 p.m.


2 Discussion regarding Shelter overcrowding issue.

· Board will address with rebates on dogs and stepped up public request for foster/permanent homes.


3 President Announcements & Officer Report

· Pat Tubbs will be at next meeting.

· NYSDOL issued a request to PHS for select personnel records. Helen is compiling documentation.

· B&B Trash would like to provide a couple months of free service this summer which will more than pay for the additional charge for recycling.

· Site Plan was approved by the Village of Potsdam Planning Board.


4 Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes for 02/17/09 and 03/03/09.

· Jane motioned to approve minutes and Linda seconded; unanimously approved.


5 Committee Reports


· Treasurer’s Report

o Capital: Period Income was $11,097.87 and Period Expenses were $611.93.

o Operating Income was $20,036.62 and Period Expenses were $21,413.46.

o Adam motioned to approve reports and Jackie seconded; unanimously approved.


· Board Development

o Nothing new to report.


· Personnel Committee

o Will be meeting to redo personnel manual and then employee evaluations will be completed.

o Requested specific feedback on personnel issues from Board members so that frank discussion with staff can occur.


· Operations Committee

o Ruth is listed on our DEA permit as the agent for dispensing euthanizing drugs. Ruth will check with other Shelters to determine their compliance procedures for administering DEA controlled substances.

o Bonnie made a motion to appoint Carrie to operations committee and take her off from fund raising committee; Linda seconded; unanimously approved. Tracy has resigned from operations committee to allow her more time and focus for fund raising.


· Marketing/PR

o Zootoo – Reminder to Board that continued participation is important. Discussed need to capitalize on publicity of Ruth Garner’s tattoo on a national level. Linda will contact Michael Griffin to find contacts.

o Airfare to Las Vegas is approximately $750 for two people. Bonnie noted that some donations have been received to pay for flights.

o Linda requested that Zootoo PHS site page should be dressed up. She will follow up with Rob.

· Fund Raising

o Linda is working on several fund raising events including an idea that Tracy Sharlow had for a dress down day local schools where donations could be funneled to Shelter; and a workshop that Andrea Dugan is willing to do on dog behavior.


· Capital Project

o Plans and specs for facility are over 90% complete.

o RD Community Facilities Grant should be finished by the end of this week and if awarded the Shelter will receive a $50,000 grant and low interest gap financing for project.

o Project budget is approximately $1M.

o Additional engineering fees will be likely as Gymo has nearly expended their budget due to additional scope items and unforeseen circumstances encountered during the design phase.


· Fund Raising

o Tracy reported that about $1,400 was received from Pet Paws event.

o BonTon fund raiser resulted in donations totaling about $445.

o Lucas Manning donations were approximate $3500.

o Wireless World donations were small but bottle return is underway.

o Sleepy Hollow Tattoo donations were about $500 and Ruth Garner received approximately $600 in donations for her tattoo.

o Mc Duffs received $430 in donations.

o CPH Chemical Rehab department raised approximately $500 in donations.

o Zootoo top 20 will result in $5,000 grant.

o Doctor’s Wives have been approached and they are willing to assist with find raising efforts.

o Total fund raising was $7,000 for last two months (not including $5,000 in Zootoo grant).

o Angelo’s Dinner fund raiser will be on 4/19 from 12 – 4 and the charge will be $20 per person. Board members will be washing dishes; no other participation is required.

o Bubblemania dates are 7/9 and 7/10 during Summer Festival.

o Tractor Supply does a “Demo Day” which Linda thought we should explore. Bridgette “L”, Zootoo supporter, offered to donate the use of her horses for a petting zoo type of fund raiser.

o Linda volunteered to spear-head effort to improve relationship with local vets.


6 Old Business

· Officer Jonathan White, NYS Trooper, is continuing to work on neglect case for horses and llama case in Norfolk; and on horse neglect case in Renssalaer Falls. Tracy is following up with farm animal owner neglect case in Norfolk. Owner is selling animals.

· Empire Zone application is likely to be turned down b/c of economic crisis of NYS.


7 New Business

· Jane made a motion that she proceed with revision to the existing process for logging donations, handling mail and distributing copies to the appropriate Board members that need them and document the new process in writing. Linda seconded the motion; unanimously approved.

· Justine and Alicia need to get license to euthanize as Shelter is lacking this necessary service.

· Linda relayed that Anne has expressed some potential issues with SUNY Canton Spay/Neuter Program. Meeting is needed to address concerns with animals under stress, dog bite incident, etc. Ruth will follow up.


8 Motion to adjourn made at 7:57 p.m. by Jane and seconded by Linda; unanimously approved.

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