Board Meeting Minutes 12/2/08

Potsdam Humane Society

Board Meeting Minutes 12/2/08



Tracy Adle (arrived at 6:00 p.m.)

Jane Amelotte

Bonnie Boyd

Linda Caamano

Cindy Duscharm (excused)

Rob Jewett

Irene Hargrave

Helen Hollinger

Adam Huckle (excused)

Ruth Huckle

Amber Lindsey

Jackie Pinover

Carrie Tuttle

Lucille Waterson (guest)

Justine Smith (guest attendee for initial introduction to the Board)


Location: SUNY Potsdam


1. Meeting was called to order at 5:33 p.m.


2. Old Business


Ø The summer festival is the 2nd weekend of July. Thursday and Friday (July 9th – July 10th, 2009) will be confirmed for the dates of Bubble-mania.


Ø Thanksgiving greetings (approx. 400) mailed. The next mailing was to go out December 1st but there are some changes that need to be made in order to finalize the mailing for Monday or Tuesday of next week.


3. New Business


Ø Grants are available from HSUS but PHS is not a current member. Jane made a motion that we become a member or reinstate membership in HSUS, Jackie seconded motion. Unanimously approved.


Ø Bonnie queried the Board to see if we would like to continue advertising in the Penneysaver due to the cost being approximately $30/week and nearly 3 times the rate of North Country this Week. Jane motioned that we discontinue advertising in the Pennysaver due to costs. Carrie seconded the motion. Unanimously carried.


Ø Justine recommended Shelter consider implementing dental health care procedures and explore purchasing equipment.


Ø Lucille recommended that Personnel Committee develop an Employee Handbook.


Ø Discussed having volunteers update Agway poster with adoptable animals. No action taken.

4. Committees:


Ø Note: Each committee needs to bring to the Dec 16 meeting:

Goals for 2009

Budget for 2009

Ø Personnel


Bonnie requested that anniversary date recognition awards be incorporated in Personnel Benefit Policy Development.


Personnel committee would like to recommend Justine Smith for appointment at $12/hour by the Board as position of Vet Tech. Ruth motioned for approval, Helen seconded motion. Carried unanimously.


Part/Time position offered to Tammy Bergenstock; awaiting a response; another candidate is available at SUNY Canton that is working on BS who is solely interested in P/T work.


An Interim Director position is being recommended to the Board for approval by Personnel Committee. This position will be responsible for scheduling staff, some bookkeeping functions, and supervising all Shelter staff. The intent of this new position will be to serve in an interim function until an Executive Director position can be funded. Anne believes that through volunteer assistance her duties as Animal Behavior Specialist can be managed in addition to these new duties. Carrie Tuttle made a motion to approve the new position and to accept Anne Smith as appointed, and Jackie Pinover seconded the motion. Unanimously carried.


Personnel Committee will develop benefit policy for employees to include progression for vacation, personnel, and sick time for review by the Board.


Personnel Committee will develop a job description for the Interim Director position. Personnel Committee will discuss changes in organization with staff and will formalize in a memo.


Ø Operations


Carrie will take care of generator sizing for emergency backup power. Jane is looking into a grant to fund a generator.


Ø Finance


Discussed need for budget and whether we should freeze salaries. No decisions were made.


Requested draft budget from the Finance Committee.


Ø Publicity and Marketing


This is a great time of year to thank community in NCTW; and radio station. Linda will write a letter of thanks to community.


Linda sent letters out to community organization to encourage participation in Zootoo to support Shelter Makeover Contest. We have slipped from 3rd to 5th place. She is going to Madrid Waddington Central School to discuss animal careers, etc. A better process needs to be developed to ensure that we are getting 200 points per pet for Zootoo. Some items that are needed: 1) Give adopters something about Zootoo when they adopt the pet; 2) Make sure that animals that are adoptable get registered in Zootoo; 3) Call adopters see if they have registered.


Ø Capital Building Construction


Gymo is working on design. Nothing new to report at this time.


Ø Fundraising


Rob developed form for non-monetary donations. Bonnie will provide NYS required information to Jane so the form will meet tax deduction requirements. Need triplicate copies; initial print will be 1000.


Suggestion made to contact Blachard’s Auctioneer to see if they will auction off antique desk donated by Tastefully Simple to benefit PHS, in lieu raffle.


Pat Tubbs has offered to start writing grants for the Shelter. Jane recommended that Pat be authorized to work with her on a first grant. This will be discussed next meeting.


5. Motion to adjourn at 7:35 p.m. made by Bonnie and seconded by Ruth. Carried unanimously.


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