Board Meeting Minutes 1/20/09

Potsdam Humane Society

Board Meeting Minutes 1/20/09


Scott Soules, Gymo

Tom Compo, Gymo

Pat Tubbs, Fund Raising Consultant

Tracy Adle

Jane Amelotte

Bonnie Boyd

Linda Caamano

Cindy Dusharm (excused)

Rob Jewett

Irene Hargrave

Helen Hollinger

Adam Huckle (excused)

Ruth Huckle (excused)

Amber Lindsey

Jackie Pinover

Carrie Tuttle

Lucille Waterson


Location: SUNY Potsdam


1. Informational session on Capital Plan began at 4:58 p.m.

Rug in Training Room; up for discussion.

Color for vinyl siding; requested color scheme from architect for approval by Board President.

Outside kennels; chain link proposed in between kennels; Board requested that architect consider solid panels between as alternative in bid.

Schedule: meeting with Village of Potsdam Planning Board on 2/5 at 7 p.m. Tom, Carrie and Bonnie will attend; planning for 3/5 approval by Village.

Some ways to save costs are to select vinyl siding over a composite board; gravel parking lot versus paved; 23 spaces versus 40 spaces.

Budget: $900k is current estimate; market is quite volatile and estimate will change.

2. Pat Tubbs Fund Raising Report

Handed out and asked Board to review 1/6 fund raising discussion

Reviewed immediate items from first planning session. Planning fund raising event on 2/2, at Potsdam Presbyterian Church at 7 p.m.; on 2/4 for General Community Presentation at 7 p.m. at Potsdam Middle School; on 2/14 possibly at Walmart; Hills Event; Thermometer update; Website update; progress report distribution; Bon Ton promo; Tastefully Simple Home party; Rooftop fundraiser; Makeover video; Grants; Clarkson class project; Empire Zone tax credit request; Elevator speech.

3. Anne’s Report

Some personnel issues are being addressed.

Ag & Mrkts provided Anne with a list of things that ACOs need and she is working on it.

Discussed issues with ACOs and Amish animal licensing issues.

4. Meeting Rules

Consider not giving committees 10 minutes; 2-5 minutes instead.

Following Robert’s Rules for meetings; Lucille will email these to Board members so they can review.

5. Jackie moved to approve meetings from last meeting; Helen seconded. Unanimously approved.

6. Reviewed action items from previous meeting

Letter has not been drafted regarding dental equipment; tabled as a lower priority may want to revisit at another date.

Advertising in Freetrader is occurring.

School education program is underway.

Compilation of PR packet for PHS is ongoing.

Linda and Bonnie were to meet to review volunteer list; will report on next meeting.

Motion made by Carrie to keep the liability insurance; Jane seconded motion. Unanimously approved. At least two members require the insurance for them to able to remain active Board members.

7. Committee Reports

a. Board Development

Bonnie and Jane are working on recruiting members from Canton.

Jackie made a motion to approve edited PHS Vacation and Leave Time for Full Time Employees; Rob seconded the motion. Helen requested that Personnel committee develop a policy for part-time employees.

b. Operations

Ron Kilgore has repaired all the damaged kennel doors; and began to address electrical issues; removing forced air unit, etc.

Floor drain issue is continuing to be an issue; Bronson plans to come back this week or when weather permits.

In reception area broken keyboard return has been replaced and made improvements to cord mess.

Received new mop bucket and food canister with rollers from anonymous donor.

Hacketts donated new 15 gallon wet/dry shop vac.

Still working on back kennel door, broken window in surgery room, weather tightening, some broken lighting, non-combustible dryer vent, leaking sink w/ pinholes

c. Finance

$27,061.21, collected since Progress Reports went out.

W2s and 1099 will be in the mail to employees this week.

Quickbooks program is now up and running.

Irene sent out balance sheets and other cash flow reports; month of December was positive in terms of cash flow ($1171.72 to the positive).

Shelter personnel are being trained on software this week.

Rob, Jane and Helen will bring back a recommendation on how to improve the process for handling donations.

Jane raised question about discrepancy in Colton contract amount (budgeted vs. received).

d. Marketing

Ron Kilgore photo and thank you article; “PHS recognizes outstanding citizen”. Looking at NCN.

Current Zootoo position is 12th; Linda handed out codes to other Board members to call adopters.

e. Capital Project

Reported earlier.

f. Fundraising

Tracy has been in touch with Poulan Grain and Blueseal to request donations. Companies appear interested in light of potential large animal care efforts.


8. New Business

None to come before the board

9. Motion to adjourn made by Rob at 8:30 p.m., seconded by Jackie . Unanimously approved.



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