Board Meeting Minutes 11/18/08

Potsdam Humane Society Minutes November 18, 2008 (Corrected)


Meeting called to order by Bonnie Boyd @ 5:33PM. Members present:

Tracy Adle, Jane Amelotte, Bonnie Boyd, Linda Caamano, Irene Hargrave, Helen Hollinger, Adam Huckle, Ruth Huckle, Amber Lindsey, Jackie Pinover, Cindy Dusharm Lucille Waterson (guest) and staff Kathy Brainerd and Anne Smith.


Bonnie introduced Lucille Waterson as possible Board member. Bonnie also made several announcements regarding upcoming fundraisers.

Staff Report:

Anne reported on a prospective worker from Office of Aging. She is to call him tomorrow. Adam wondered would he be of more help or hindrance? Anne said she would think about it and perhaps indicate that it wasn’t good timing for us. She also reported that a welder came and repaired one door on outdoor dog run, so now have that run available. Bonnie reported that Potsdam Super Holiday weekend Dec. 6 & 7. We will participate offer $10 off dog adoptions, and refreshments. Kathy Brainerd that Kim (ACO) will possibly be leaving the end of this week. Jason is being trained but not ready yet. We will advertise with Labor Dept. for an opening. Kathy also mentioned that when Regina leaves there would be shortage covering Saturdays and Mondays. Perhaps Justine would be available? Discussion regarding what will happen when dangerous animals come in (esp. feral cats) and who would euthanize them. Perhaps Justine would be willing to get her license? Perhaps someone (ACO?) could take it to vet or to Massena Shelter? Discussion ensued about how/who will be handling responsibilities that Regina has done (e.g. the night emergency phone). Kathy expressed that she is feeling worried, concerned about this. Anne and Kathy left.

Business Meeting:

There was discussion on procedures for staff to share their immediate concerns with Board members. Since Linda and Jackie are frequently in the shelter the Board agreed to have them ask as a liaison between staff and Board.

Bonnie asked about minutes from Oct. 21 meeting but no one had received them. Cindy & Amber moved to approved Oct. 7 meeting minutes, motion carried.

Old Business

Discussion occurred regarding KDG and whether all materials have been received. Jane expressed serious concerns that the materials have not been returned. Jane feels that KDG was totally unprofessional, the records she has received are extremely disorganized and she is not sure if she has all the donors’/pledges’ names. Carrie’s email letter to Bonnie was read. Ruth expressed concern that the shelter’s and the Board’s name not be muddied in the community. Adam asked what would the legal letter accomplish? Linda suggested that we just move on from here. Cindy proposed that we acknowledge that we have received all that we are going to get and that we won’t gain anything by pursuing further action, Helen seconded. 10 in favor 2 opposed, motion carried.

President’s report:

Net adjusted Christmas bonus: Anne & Kathy $100, $50 for cleaners & ACOs. Adam motioned to approve this, Linda seconded. Ruth motioned to purchase a gift card for $100 as thank you for Regina. The card will be in Bonnie’s mailbox.

Holiday card will be mailed out soon.

We still haven’t heard proceeds from Carol Lee Shop & their silent auction, or the Cruisin’ for Critters.

Lucille agreed to be on the PR Committee.

Bonnie reported on the meeting with Dine Kennedy and reported that all information has gone out to the executrix & attorney of the estate.

Committee Reports:

Personnel committee met regarding vet tech search. Board needs to decide salary range before we interview. Jane suggested $12-15/hr. depending upon experience. How much can we afford? Helen said our payroll is already more than we take in from town of Potsdam. How much can we budget? Would $13 be possible? Agreed that $12-13 would be offered, depending upon experience. New vet tech would be the boss. Adam motioned we run an ad in the newspaper, Helen seconded, motion carried.


Jane reported that she can apply for grants for equipment and would need to have inventory done. She will start applying for grants now.


Finance: Bonnie reported that Century 21 made a mistake in sale of house and charged us 4% instead of 2% and will be sending us a check for $1100. Irene gave current month’s financial report. Expenses: 22,507.15 and receipts 26,528.02, plus 4,220.17 Jane motioned to approve Irene’s report, Cindy seconded, motion carried.

Ruth provided information that Mr. Dave Nelson (whose name is on the house) is interested in zoning property R2 (possibly so apartments could be built in barn). She wondered if there could be a problem when we ask Town for our approval of expansion. Ruth will email Carrie to make her aware of this potential problem.


Publicity committee needs to write article to paper thanking community for adopting 27 cats and providing them good homes during past week. Linda and Lucille will do this. In future should have a quota on how many will be free, and also to educate the staff on asking the prospective family adoptive family for a donation as these usually cost $60.


Linda gave update on Zootoo and that adoptive families need to log on and it would get us 200 points per animal. It would be most helpful for shelter to have an additional laptop to provide staff/volunteers/prospective owner opportunity to do this. Tracy offered one. Linda will come in and use computer to log in adoptable animals and make it easier to earn those 200 points per animal and relieve this additional duty from Kathy.


Adam motioned to adjourn, Cindy seconded. Meeting adjourned 8:00.


Respectfully submitted,

Jackie Pinover, substitute secretary








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