Board Meeting Minutes 11/15/11




Members present: Amber, Irene, Jane, Helen, Bonnie, Jackie, Ruth, Cindy, Linda, Tony, Rob and Anne


Meeting Called to Order: 5:34PM


Staff report: PAWS Educ. Program established: comprehensive K-senior citizens, includes an Animal Pals club ($10/kid/session).

Protocol manual and also disaster plan report will be ready for Board review in Jan.

Behavior report: will begin working PHS animals with “Open Paw” a definitive animal training program from nationally known Ian Dunbar and Kelly Gorman in which animals receive enrichment designed to meet minimum mental health requirements.

Grant projects: generator: have done what we need to do and submitted to the state; DJT ready to roll, Hills grant (free shipping for year if win) submitted.

Disaster Preparedness crew getting ready; applications for volunteers now available working with 3 counties will be sharing disaster County Animal Response Team (CART). May possibly check with PetSmart if they could assist in anyway.

County cruelty coalition committee is a mess, doing stuff that they don’t have right to be doing, (e.g. assisting animal control), becoming too militant.  Jane made a motion “PHS withdraw from county cruelty committee as member but continue to have one or two board members attend to monitor the committee” seconded by Ruth.  Agreed to withdraw motion, instead current PHS members will monitor this coalition and report back to Board.


Minutes from Sept Board meeting motion to approve by Irene, Cindy seconded.  Motion passed.  Motion to approve Oct. meeting by Irene seconded by Helen.  Motion carried.  Motion to approve special Nov. meeting by Helen, seconded by Linda motion passed.


Treasurers’ Report: October figures reported.

Operating Revenue:  $21,406.21

Capital Revenue:      $20,293.25

Operating Expenses: $23,368.09

Capital Expenses:      $2,923.51

Discussed 2012 Budget:  Waste disposal was concern, perhaps sharing purchasing pellets together with Massena shelter and calling Pat Curran for quote on pellets, will also discuss with cleaners usage and cost of pellets.

Rob motioned to approve 2012 budget as proposed, Tony seconded. Motion carried and budget approved.


Fundraising Committee:  $2512 from Lancasters’ fundraiser.

Fall Series:   Gross: $20,400

Expenses: $6,900

Profit: $13,500

BonTon: $230

Holiday greeting card:  Presently have recurring donors:$300/mo.

Capital Campaign list given back to Board members to go out & canvas these people to ask to pledge $10/month via PayPal or Bill Pay.  Will take the Christmas cards and address individual notes to each person on our list.


Personnel/Operations: Linda & Jackie are canvassing all area vets with list of possible ways to assist PHS.

Bonnie reported that kitchen sink went in Kevin Enslow did all plumbing.  Had estimate from Les Shaddle seamless gutters for ice jams & gutters, front: $800, right side: $770, back $1085, left side $945.  Perhaps another idea is a snowbar that’s color coordinated with roof.


Christmas bonuses:  Discussion about what we have done in the past.  In Dec. 2010 minutes we approved Christmas bonus of $1000.   Motion to distribute up to $1000 for Christmas by Cindy seconded by Amber.  Motion approved.   Anne will disperse this money, to full time & part time employees.


Motion to adjourn at 7:17 by Rob seconded by Cindy.



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