Board Meeting Minutes 10/23/2012


Members present: Ruth, Tony, Amber, Bonnie, Jackie, Rob, Irene, Helen, Carrie, Lucille, Linda and Anne

Guests: Tara Fountain, Jill Yanus, Suzanne Smith

Meeting called to order 5:31PM

Director’s Report: is posted on web.  Anne reported she has hired Leila Thurston as cleaner and also two ACOs:  Mike Miller from Norwood, primary ACO, and Kathy Sochia from Madrid, secondary working primarily during day both will be on 3 month probationary period.  They are both in training period for about 3 week.

Lisbon has paid their contract for 2013.

Discussion about length of stay of animals and periodic re-assessment.  We have a mission statement and our staff is following this mission policy.  As a Board need to be clear on what our policies and procedures are and speak with one voice.  We will hold special Board meeting November 13 @ 5:30PM to discuss mission statement and no kill policy.

Amber asked about $500 donation from CJ’s owners and could this be used for printer.  Anne said at this point we can wait for a bit for a new printer.

Mason kennel door company is covering the cost of replacement kennel doors under warrantee thanks to Tom Compo at GYMO.

Minutes of September meeting on website, Rob motioned to approve Tony seconded, minutes approved.

Treasurers’ Report:

Irene reported

Sept. income    $20,436.18

expenses $26,823.62

Net Income:      – $6,337.44

Carrie motioned to add town of Hermon contract and take out Pierrepont contract from 2012 budget, Tony seconded.  Motion carried.

Need to add revenue line showing transfer of interest income from endowment to  the operating budget for 2012.

Received bill from Mr. Grant Construction for $8,361.92 it is paid by transfer of interest from endowment.

Carrie would like presentation of audit by auditor before we approve it suggest at next regular Board meeting Nov. 20.

Finance committee met on 9/21 to work on 2013 budget.  Irene suggested that PHS should develop a form for bequeathing money to PHS.

Jackie motioned to approve Treasurers’ report, Tony seconded and motion was approved.

Fundraising Committee:

Bonnie reported the following:
Northern Symphonic Winds concert $1000

Mentalist performance: profit $400+

Nov. 3 Open House 11:30-2:30 to celebrate Bumpo’s 5th birthday, several individuals and Best Friends Thrift shop, Potsdam Garden Club will be honored, all Board members should attend if all possible

Bon Ton must sell 75 books before 11/8 for their sale 11/9 & 11/10.

The “Gold & Silver Girls” will be in  PHS lobby buying gold and silver Nov. 17 from noon to 4.  We receive 10% of the proceeds.

Carrie said we should do one more beg letter end of Nov. to be included with annual report before end of tax year.

Personnel Committee: Will research question from staff when does vacation time  begin, is it Jan 1 or the date of hire?  The Committee will meet & address it before the meeting on Nov. 13.

Public Relations:  Rob reported that our website has been hacked into and he resolved that issue, but will begin designing new website.  It requires that he also keep the current one running while the new one is designed.

Tony wrote an article for NCTW it will be on their website.

New Business:

Bonnie reported that Tim Connelly of Best Friends Thrift Store has suggested PHS evaluate its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats (SWOT).  We will work on it at our next strategic planning session for Board.   Carrie and Anne will facilitate this workshop and Carrie provided her list as an example.  Tim also told Bonnie that the Board should be better represented at functions that are held for PHS (like silent art auction).

Went into Executive session @ 7:04PM.

Motion to adjourn 7:59PM by Rob, seconded by Tony.  Meeting adjourned 7:59PM.

Reminder next meeting November 13, 5:30PM to discuss mission statement and no kill policy.

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