Board Meeting Minutes 10/20/09

Potsdam Humane Society

Board Meeting Minutes 10/20/09


Board Members Guests/Volunteers Staff

Tracy Adle None Anne Smith

Jane Amelotte

Tony Beane (excused)

Bonnie Boyd

Linda Caamano

Cindy Dusharm (excused)

Rob Jewett

Irene Hargrave

Helen Hollinger

Ruth Huckle

John Lancaster

Amber Lindsey

Jackie Pinover

Carrie Tuttle

Lucille Waterson (excused)

Location: SUNY Potsdam

1 President called meeting to order at 5:39 p.m.


2 Interim Director’s Report

  • A person dropped off cats at the Shelter and then decided she wanted them back. Anne has to appear at small claims court to defend the situation. She is not overly concerned about the case.
  • Stacy Purvis will be returning to work as a cleaner soon. Shelter has been struggling to operate short-handed in her absence.
  • Anne is waiting to receive donated furnace. Tracy is hopefully it will be ready next week.
  • No new Shelter statistics to report on.
  • Upper respiratory cases are prevalent in the Shelter now. Some cats with repeated cases were euthanized. Cats at SUNY Canton that will be coming back with upper respiratory infections will be put into Isolation when they return.
  • Anne is bringing animals to Tractor Supply in Potsdam to increase exposure for adoptions this process. Screening process will not be modified for these adoptions. Agway could also be an option for increasing cat adoptions by getting animals more exposure to the public.


3 Minute Approval

· Minutes from 9/15 and 10/6 will be approved at the next Board meeting.


4 Presidents Report

  • Medical challenge is about $38,000; Educational challenge is about $1775; Business $3600 plus Sheehan’s contribution. Approaching $500,000.
  • Shelter has approached an attorney to ascertain whether he could help us with the settlement of the donated Ardis Collier Brown estate in Georgia.
  • Bonnie met with Anne Mazzotta and Jane Semple, concerned citizens of Canton, to plan strategy for getting Canton contract. Madrid and Waddington are also high potential future contracts. Stockholm is also thinking about making a change and has requested a presentation from the PHS.
  • Town of Waddington also has an issue with cats and is considering an ordinance requiring that cats are licensed and spayed or neutered.


5 Committee Reports


Capital Project Funding

· Carrie reported that plans are nearly finalized and RD documentation nearly completed.

· Project should be ready to bid within a month; pending fund raising.


Public Relations & Marketing

· Publicity for the Christmas Show on December 4th will be needed.

· John suggested a pre-Thanksgiving “beg letter”.


Animal Cruelty Report

  • Carrie will follow up with Karen St. Hillaire to find out when the St. Lawrence County Board of legislators will have committee formalized.


Board Development

  • Jane Semple drafted a letter to Shelter thanking them for helping with the kittens that were born in her garage.
  • Bonnie is looking to recruit potential Canton board members.


Personnel Committee

  • Nothing to report


  • Nothing to report



  • Nothing to report


Finance Committee

  • No monthly reports were provided as some discrepancies are still being worked out by Irene and she would prefer to resolve this and present a final report at the next meeting.
  • Board discussed at last meeting that we were going to be short revenue through the end of the year. Payroll runs about $9000 per month. We need $35k with payroll and other bills through the end of the year. Anticipated income will be about $20k through the end of the year so it appears we will be about $15k short. Savings is very small, about $1700.
  • Cruisin for Critters and donation from Potsdam Teachers Assoc. will be added to the Operating Fund (i.e., $3800).
  • Jane has several donations that specify either Capital Campaign or General Fund. If these could be sorted a fund transfer could be done to reallocate these revenues.
  • John made a motion that we will borrow the necessary funds from the capital campaign to cover the shortfall in the operating fund up to $15,000. Jackie seconded the motion; unanimously approved.
  • Irene asked Anne to only order the supplies that are absolutely necessary between now and the end of the year.
  • Carrie requested a breakdown of capital expenses by Payee from Irene so she can prepare a summary of the funds necessary before the project can be bid.
  • Helen emailed draft 2008 Audited End of Year Financial Statements early this morning.


Fund Raising Committee

  • Linda is meeting with Potsdam K-Kids to discuss Shelter and solicit help on Capital Project.
  • Parishville kids group would also like do some sort of fund raising effort for the Shelter.
  • President of Potsdam Teacher’s Associate wants to present us with a $500 donation soon.
  • Cruisin for Critters delivered $3300 from event. Rob requested a picture for posting on the website.
  • Victor Caamano is putting together a Christmas Show on Friday December 4th at 7:00 p.m. Name for event will be “All I Want for Christmas…” Special Benefit Concert. Donations accepted at the door. 100% of the profits will be donated to the PHS. This is a kick off to Potsdam Chamber of Commerce Winter Warm Up. 50/50 raffle should be done with the event with the drawing to be held that night. Donated baskets could also be raffled off that night.
  • Bonnie showed the Potsdam Humane Society certificates that will be marketed for Gift donations as a Holiday Fund raiser.
  • Tracy will email an update on Fund Raising event (Tracy was excused at 7:00 p.m.)
  • Black Tie event is on Saturday November 7th at John Lancaster’s residence. Approximately 100 invitations are being mailed out. Board members are invited and encouraged to attend the event held at their residence in Potsdam.


6 Other Business

· None


7 Motion to adjourn made at 7:43 p.m. by Carrie and seconded by Jackie; unanimously approved.


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