Board Meeting Minutes 10/15/2013

Members Present: Carrie, Helen, Lucille, Irene, Tony, Amber, Ruth, Karen, Bonnie, Jackie, Suzanne

Guests: Missy Proulx, Alysia Maynard

Meeting called to order: 5:39


Motion to approve September minutes by Tony seconded by Helen. Motion passed.


Director’s report: Alysia reported that employee evaluations are completed and are in Dropbox folder on computer.

Town of Lisbon has signed their contract and submitted their check for 2014.

Alysia has contacted Triple A for FRP board for cat admissions and ISO areas.

Adoptions have almost doubled with our free weeks.

Round up weeks are over at Save A Lot stores. Missy Proulx reported that Save A Lot will donate $3000 from this!

Friends of PHS are selling the Bon Ton booklets for PHS, with a goal of $1000.

A Boy Scout is trying to get his Eagle Scout and wants to do a trail for us.

Nov. 18 from 6-8:30 Red Cross will be doing pet first aid at the shelter.

Dr. Gordon was in yesterday and is interested in doing a more comprehensive wellness clinic (s/n, distemper, deworming, flea treatment,) for lower income pet owners. Would make sure that this has strict income guidelines. Alysia will write up a proposal for the Board on this.

Alysia reported on feeding protocol, we are feeding in bowls. She is looking at all protocols and will get it out to us. Reported that animal cruelty case of two dogs set for Oct. 24 @ 9:30.

The copier donated by Clarkson would have been difficult to find parts for so it has been picked up by organization that recycles electronics.

Baron has been reevaluated and has passed his Safer test. He continues to reside at PHS. Clarkson student has done a great video of Baron and it will be on Facebook, and YouTube. Abby will now be the pet of the month.

Bonnie P & Matt are monitors for Facebook and will be more conscientious about any type of negativity. Suzanne will look into social media policy that Clarkson has and let Board and Alysia know.


Correspondence reports: Tony reported on letter regarding situation of CCT student who adopted cats from us, after adoption weren’t well, she took them to vet and received an alarming diagnosis. Dr. Theodore looked at the cats and they were misdiagnosed giving the student a scare, they are now doing fine. Tony recommended that in future these be handled more confidentially to diffuse situation.


Finance Committee has approved a tentative budget for 2014. Personnel Committee will now give Finance Committee in November their recommendation for salary increases. Budget will be voted on in December.


September Income $21,493.10

September Expenses $22,877.89

Net Income -$1,384.79


We are investigating gas dryers vs. electric. John Fries (owner of commercial laundry) is willing to sell us nearly new commercial gas dryers for $600 each which we could pay on installment. Need to check into payback of $1300 on purchasing these dryers. If payback is less than 2 yrs then it is certainly a good deal, but if it’s more than that then it’s an non-budgeted expense that we can’t afford. Finance committee will investigate this and Bonnie B. will do research on how much installation of gas dryers would be.

Motion to approve Finance report by Tony & seconded by Suzanne. Motion passed.


Irene didn’t know the status of our tax return, she has taken John Parcell info but hasn’t received any info back. Carrie will call John Parcell expressing Board’s concern on the lateness and that this has caused PHS to miss grant possibilities. Request for Proposal (RFP) for new accountant/auditor will be done by Finance Committee.


Fundraising updates:

Suzanne and Bonnie have packets prepared for Adopt a Shelter. She, Bonnie and Carrie will talk with area businesses.

Friends of Potsdam Humane Society has formed and is sponsoring an Open House this Saturday October 19, 2013 at PHS.

Amber shared good news that she had spoken with Mrs. Jean Curtis who generously gave Amber a $1,000 check for PHS.


PR Committee Lucille will contact Kay regarding article about grieving for pets. Will have article on foster program (Linda will do that), and article on our webstore, adoption sponsoring. Reminder to do another thank you pizza party for volunteers, or workers in January once holidays are over. Lucille emailed Christine regarding doing training for staff, but the Lancasters are away unitl early November.


Need to finish concrete benches that were donated, discussed possible alternatives. Donor plaques are at Mike’s trophies. Would like some students in shop classes or BOCES to make small wooden storage benches for children to use in community room under windows. Tracy Adle is still working on the Leaves of Love.


Personnel Committee needs from Helen how many hours the staff worked this year in order to make recommendation on staff raises.

A sub-committee to discuss committee assignments for 2014 was formed Suzanne, Carrie and Tony volunteered to do this. They will also talk about officers for 2014.


New Business:

Website updating Julie Johnson said she would help us with this, she suggested

Clarkson Media students will be working on documentary for us.

We will tell Alysia staff (including cleaners) that they need to wear name tags. Alysia can figure out what precisely they will be (name, title for front staff). Missy said UPS store makes name tags and she’ll donate them. Missy has a contact in the uniform business that doesn’t charge a lot we have a preference for dark green scrubs but not required.


Jackie will be leaving in early November so will need substitute secretary to take minutes for November through April.

Discussion about what we expectations of prospective Board members. We are a working Board that gives generously of our time and resources.


Next meeting November 19, 2013.


Amber motioned to adjourn Jackie seconded. Meeting adjourned 7:52.


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