Board Meeting Minutes 091614

Potsdam Humane society

Board of Directors Meeting

September 16, 2014 at PHS 17 Madrid Ave.

Chad Fuller Multi-Purpose Room


The meeting of PHS Board of Directors was called to order by President Carrie Tuttle at 5:30 PM.



Board members: Tim Donahue, Amber Lindsey, Irene Hargrave, Karen McAlister, Deborah Massell, Lucille Waterson, Carrie Tuttle, Tony Beane, Ruth Huckle, Debbie Finnegan, Suzanne Smith, Rob Jewett, and Bonnie Boyd

Shelter Director: Alysia Maynard Guests: Betty and Bill Wolf

Meeting minutes from 8/19/2014 were both approved without exception. All in favor.

Director’s Report

Alysia Maynard, PHS Shelter Director, commented on her report. Posted online at our website


Bonnie asked Alysia to give some information on the wonderful support we received from the public in adopting over a hundred cats, which alleviated the feline crowding. We will do a newspaper article with pictures of some of the adoptees to thank the public.

Correspondence Reports

Committee Reports

Finance Report: ( links here) Including PC Dog Park

Balances as of August 31, 2014 Income 32,664.30

Expenditures 34,352.27

Net income -1,687.97


It was noted that we seem to be right on track with the 2014 budget.

Finance committee has been meeting, and will have the 2015 budget ready for the November 2014 meeting. This will incorporate the additional 20,000 dollars needed to meet payroll with the minimum wage increase.


Sharon Ober has been asked to record some monthly financial items. Irene reported that this has helped her considerably. Sharon will continue, but does not want to be paid for this job.


It was brought to our attention that the logo that we have uses a lot of green ink. We will be researching adjusting our logo in an effort to reduce the ink cost. This will be discussed under new business at our next meeting.

Bonnie will also check with Sullivan’s to see why we are paying so much for the equipment and supplies that we get from them. The original agreement was to get things close to cost.

Fund Raising

Garage sale this year is down in revenue. It brought us 1800 dollars. Rain was a factor. Since April, many donations have gone to Best Friends Thrift Shop on a continual basis, so we really are doing as much or more than the 3000 dollars budgeted for the 2014 garage sale. It just shows up at the thrift shop. Next year’s sale may be changed somewhat to complement the types of things that are sold at the thrift shop.


Personnel/Operations Committee

no report

Public Relations & Donor Recognition

Leaves of Love cabinet project is being taken to a new cabinet maker this week. The large tree trunk will be the recognition of the 120,000 dollar contribution that Dr. Michael and Barbara Maresca gave to our building project. It was noted that no one has informed the Marescas of that progress, or rather, lack of it. In addition, it was decided to make a plaque for the reception area to show appreciation to the Marescas.


Technology Committee:

Janessa Hargrave, a volunteer, has done a mock of the front page of our new website. Progress is slowly being made in getting a new site in place.

Best Friends:

A full report six-month report of the store’s operations will be presented at the October meeting by Hilary Oak. October is the month the Board needs to decide whether to continue running the thrift shop. The store continues to do better than ever expected. More than 12,000 dollars in profit has been deposited in the bank for operations of the shelter in the first five months of operation.


Dog Park Report

Deborah presented a detailed report including a business plan. (link inserted here) Considerable discussion followed. It was noted that Linda Caamano has knowledge of dog behaviors that should be considered for a dog park situation. She will be at the next meeting, and we welcome her professional input concerning dog behaviors in a dog park situation.

Carrie instructed the board to carefully read Deborah’s hand-outs about the dog park including the business plan, and to bring to the October board meeting with any suggestions for change.

Motion was made to accept the business plan, in concept, for the Potsdam Community Dog Park as proposed. The Board may revise and comment details in future meetings. All in favor.

Carrie Tuttle, President, was excused at 6:55PM. Vice President, Tony Beane, immediately took over running the meeting.


PHS Sign for the front of the shelter is being worked on by Jackson Francisco. There have been some hurdles, but progress is being made. Anyone who knows Jackson, know it will get done!




Motion was made to accept Betty Wolf as a new board member. We are so pleased that Betty is willing to do volunteer WORK for PHS! Welcome aboard Betty Wolf!


Motion to adjourn at 7:04 PM.



Minutes submitted by Bonnie Boyd

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