Board Meeting Minutes 06/17/14

Potsdam Humane Society

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

June 17, 2014 @ 5:30 p.m. at PHS 17 Madrid Ave.

Multi-Purpose Room

Guests: Deborah Massell, James Theodore – Morgan Stanley Investments

Staff: A. Maynard

Attendees: K. McAllister, I. Hargrave, B. Boyd, C. Tuttle, L. Caamano, R. Huckle, R. Jewett, A. Lindsey, D. Finnegan, T. Donahue, T. Beane, L. Waterson, S. Smith

Meeting called to order at 5:30 p.m.

–        James Theodore provided an overview of the Potsdam Humane Society investment statement. The total value of the account was reported as of May 31, 2014 at $131,947.30.  Mr. Theodore explained that our funds are invested in fairly conservative mutual funds and bond funds. He answered questions from the board and noted that the rates of return for the individual funds are not provided on the statement, nor is there a rate of return for the complete fund. He offered to provide this separately. Average fee for the funds is about 1.6%.  The annualized ROI since 1/1/00 7.06% net of fees.  S&P index return is ~4% as a point of comparison.  Mr. Theodore mentioned that our account is not reviewed on a certain basis and that changes have to be reviewed/approved by the Board. He does not have authorization to make changes without approval, however, the way that the account is established could be changed and we could provide him with additional authorization to make changes without board approval if we chose to proceed in that manner.

MEETING MINUTES:  Approval of Meeting Minutes from regular board meeting 5/20/2014 board meeting are awaiting distribution from Secretary.


–        Alysia reported that we have 192 cats in the shelter as present and the live release rate has dropped because of a number of feral cats that have been brought in and euthanized. The board asked her to research how other shelters are accounting for feral cats in the ISOMAR reporting. The board requested that she reach out to the Press to try and reach out to the community to increase adoptions. The board requested that staff put together a sheet for animals that shows the average cost of keeping an animal in the Shelter and laminate these and post at the desk and put in packets (i.e., veterinary care, housing, etc.)


–        Alysia reported that she is investigating offering vaccinations to low income households in the same manner that the low-income spay/neuter program is working. The board requested that Alysia provide a written proposal to the board for their review at the next meeting.


–        Annual 2013 Board Report is complete and will be posted on PHS Website; can be printed and sent to potential donors, used with grant applications, etc.


–        Alysia mentioned that Spay Neuter Now will be leading up a workshop for community leaders on the importance of spaying and neutering, etc.


–        Potsdam Humane Society, Inc. took in 2 puppies from Gouverneur that did not have any room.




–        I. Hargrave provided copies of the report in advance of the meeting and they are posted on our website at the links below. Ms. Hargrave provided an overview of some of the highlights of the reports.  Of note, she provided a Profit and Loss 2013 vs. 2014 report that showed that PHS was at $10,699.21 vs. -$10.365.96 (2014 to 2013 comparison) so about a $20,000 increase in income this year vs. last and our expenses are fairly consistent.


–        For the Dog Park $1780 in donations to date.


–        Income for the month of May was $34,063.94 and expenses were $24,742.50. A couple large donations were received this month and Strut Your Mutt was accounted for during this period.


–        T. Bean made a motion that we close the separate Dog Park bank account for the expenses separately, R. Jewett seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Bill Payment List:

Budget vs. Actuals:

Profit & Loss:

Balance Sheet:

–        T. Donahue motioned to approve the financial statement as provided, T. Beane seconded the motion; motion carried.

Fund Raising (Suzanne (chair), Amber, Karen, Ruth)

–        Par for Paws is Friday July 25th at 1:00 p.m. – Board help needed.  S. Smith thinks that we may make ~$4,000 vs. the $9,000 donations received last year. We have asked many businesses for other support this year and many other non-profits are soliciting for the general public for funds.  It is going slow and that may be a function of the economy.


–        A. Lindsey mentioned that she would approach her boss to sponsor another car wash in July.


–        B. Boyd mentioned that she is working on a Summer Festival/Best Friends event the weekend of July 11.


–        August 23rd is Garage Sale.

Public Relations & Donor Recognitions (Bonnie (chair), Kay, Lucille, Suzanne, Tony).

–        Press release was issued for Par for Paws and press recognition is being done for $500 donor levels.


–        B. Boyd is going to work on Bubba Chubba front page press.

Personnel/Operations Report (Carrie (co-chair), Tony (co-chair), Linda, and Ruth).

Technology Committee (Rob (chair), Carrie, Irene, Kay, Julie Johnson).

–        Website update will be delayed due to Julie’s course load and having to scale back on volunteer efforts. R. Jewett reported that Julie Johnson has some other commitments and is no longer able to do the update.

Best Friends: (Bonnie, Missie, Lucille, Amber, Karen).

–        Department of State approval for Thrift Store granted

–        Grand Re-Opening completed June 6th

–        Volunteer management complaints have been received and addressed with contracted manager

–        Purchasing procedures & protocols: Best Friends purchases require same approvals as other board expenses (i.e., non-budgeted expenses over $500 require board approval first )

–        B. Boyd mentioned that we are in need of volunteers to work in the back and to price items


Donor Recognition – Leaves of Love, Trees & Benches and Capital Donor Recognition Updates.

SWOT (interest from Tony, Rob, Lucille, Linda and Carrie to participate –low priority at present)

PHS Sign – total budget now at $800. Next step is to get a design that board approved and price we can determine funding needed to complete.  C. Tuttle offered to work on getting a quote for a new sign (North Eastern Sign).

Red Smith Memorial Window – complete.


–        PetSafe Dog Park Contest – PHS is one of 15 finalists in the “Bark for your Park” contest. We are grouped in the small cities categories and have a chance of winning. D. Massell provided an update on the contest and the video she is working on for the contest.


–        Dog Park: D. Massell mentioned some incredible donations, JE Sheehan loaned a commercial wood chipper; Business Plan is underway and will be presented to the board soon.  She has a large group of people that have offered to do annual maintenance, fund raising, and daily operations/cleanup.  Several small grant applications have also been submitted and we are awaiting to here.  A website for the dog park is underway and D. Massell has a volunteer that offered to setup the site.


–        C. Tuttle motioned to appoint D. Massell as a new board member, K. McAllister seconded the motion.  Carried unanimously.


–        I. Hargrave reported that several people have questioned her regarding the rates for electricity through Viridian.  She is getting frequent emails from our regional Viridian representative.  They are suggesting that people go with the fixed rate.

Announcements – None.

Next Meeting – 7/15/2014 @ 5:30 p.m.

Meeting Adjournment

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