Board Meeting Minutes 052014

Potsdam Humane Society

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

May 20, 2014 @ 5:30 p.m. at PHS 17 Madrid Ave.

Multi-Purpose Room

Multi-Purpose Room

Board Attendees: T. Beane, K. McAllister,  I. Hargrave, B. Boyd, L. Camaano, C. Tuttle, M. Proulx, , D. Finnegan, R. Huckle

Staff: A. Maynard

Guests: Deborah Massell

Meeting called to order by C. Tuttle at 5:33 pm.

MEETING MINUTES:  Approval of Meeting Minutes from regular board meeting 4/15/2014 board meeting – motion to approve by T. Beane, second R.


Pig had a trial adoption however didn’t work out but we have some other options we can explore.

In facility as of 5/20/14 we have 198 Cats and 54 Dogs.


Strut Your Mutt raised $5367.33 still had donations after and tee-shirt orders we should end up around $5500.00.


Photo Session for Strut your Mutt: $220.00


FOPHS total contribution $765.75


A Maynard as for permission to set a sale on cat and the board approved.


PHS logged Volunteer Hours:339

PR Class Logged Hours: 504



Drafts of certificates made up by A. Maynard to be given to businesses for the gift or support






Finance: I. Hargrave – After adding the expenses for BF’s at 8 Raymond Street, it increased the budget by $16,588 from $322,765 to $339,353.


Income for April, 2014    $19,217.17

Expenses:                           $26,047.63

Net Income:                      -$6.830.46


Spoke on Veridan account .1175 for June and National Grid was .068 and the same was true for May. Recommended we not push Veridan at this time until things straighten out with the pricing.


Motion to except finance reports: Rob, T. Beane Seconded


Deborah Massell:  Updated on the dog park and took a few of the board member on a tour of the park ground.


Fundraising: Suzanne:

More sponsors needed for golf tournament July 2, 2014

Garage sale: Aug 23, 2014


Bill Payment List:

Budget vs. Actuals:

Profit & Loss March 2014 & YTD:

Balance Sheet:

Fund Raising (Suzanne (chair), Amber, Karen, Ruth)

–        Strutt Your Mutt.

–        Par for Paws is Friday July 25th at 1:00 p.m.

–        August 23rd is Garage Sale.

Public Relations & Donor Recognitions (Bonnie (chair), Kay, Lucille, Suzanne, Tony).  LaValleys’ article received a lot of positive feedback.


Bonnie missed photo op with Jeff Proulx however will reschedule.


Red Pine Pub – Terry McKendry – donating a bench for the dog park in memory of Stan and Betsy Caplin.


Personnel/Operations Report (Carrie (co-chair), Tony (co-chair), Linda, and Ruth).

Nothing to report on


Technology Committee (Rob (chair), Carrie, Irene, Kay, Julie Johnson): Nothing to report at this time


Best Friends: (Bonnie, Missie, Lucille, Amber, Karen).

Trying to build a volunteer base, looking for more volunteer’s because we have holes we need to fill.

Possibly for the next board meeting we could meet at BF’s so everyone could have a tour and see all the work that has been done.


Friday June 6th 5pm-7pm Grand Reopening of Best Friends, looking for someone to provide live music



Donor Recognition – Leaves of Love, Trees & Benches and Capital Donor Recognition Updates.

SWOT (interest from Tony, Rob, Lucille, Linda and Carrie to participate –low priority at present)

PHS Sign – total budget now at $700; L. Waterson also offered to donate towards the sign. Next step is to get a design that board approved and price we can determine funding needed to complete.  C. Tuttle offered to work on getting a quote for a new sign (North Eastern Sign).

Red Smith Memorial Window – awaiting warmer weather for installation in Cat Room #1.  Steve Cotter, an independent contractor, will be installing soon and doing some other miscellaneous repairs.


William & Charlotte Park pre-application was sent out. We did not receive an invitation to submit a full application so that is being taking off the table.

Announcements –  Motion to nominate Debbie Finnegan for the PHS Board made by B. Boyd, R. Huckle seconded and board unanimously approved.

Next Meeting – 6/17/2014 @ 5:30 p.m. Touring Best Friends at 5pm and board meeting will start at 5:45 at PHS.

Meeting Adjournment motion made at 6:50 pm by Rob, seconded by Tony all in favor.


Minutes completed by Missie Proulx.

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