We need a little help from a lot of friends!

We’ve come a long way since 2010 but we need help from a LOT of our friends to keep it that way.

Shelter today vs 2010

Our new animal shelter is now twice the size of the original shelter and that means that the following expenses are going up:

paw-print(tiny) utilities: gas, water, electricity
paw-print(tiny) employee costs to manage and clean the larger facility and to care for larger numbers of sheltered animals–in addition to the countless hours of work our volunteers and Board members do
paw-print(tiny) medical expenses for larger numbers of sheltered animals
paw-print(tiny) mortgage payments ($2,005/month for principal and interest)

We are very prudent with our funds, most of which come from our generous donors. You can view our projected income and expenses to see for yourself that we are doing everything reasonable to minimize our costs and to take advantage of grants and other revenue sources in addition to our normal fundraising. However, because we now have sizable fixed monthly costs (mortgage, utilities, medical expenses and wages) that must be paid on time each and every month, we need a reliable source of income that we can count on to pay our bills. We simply cannot default on our financial obligations. The 1,200+ animals we care for each year need us.

Our approach to this financial need is to reach out to each and every friend of the shelter and ask for a commitment to help every month. If 1,000 friends like you were to pledge $10/month we would be able to satisfy our financial obligations.  We realize that some friends may not be able to commit to this level of support while others may be able to commit to a higher level.  Commitment is the key whether it is $1, $5, $10  -or- $50, $75, $100 or more per month.  Please view our growing list of friends who have already made this commitment.

To help make it easier to establish a routine process for handling a regular donation to the Potsdam Humane Society, we encourage our friends to use:

paw-print(tiny) Automatic donations via Bill Pay through your bank or credit union.
paw-print(tiny) Automatic donations via PayPal
paw-print(tiny) …and of course, regular donations via check, cash, Bill Pay and PayPal are always welcomed.

With “a little help from a lot of our friends” we can continue to provide the quality of service that our community has come to expect from the Potsdam Humane Society. Can we count on your help?

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