REWARD: Lost Bernese Mountain Dog

Rhonda is 2 year old female Bernese Mountain Dog who was being transported from Ohio to Massena and when the transporters were getting her out of the van, she got scared and dog took off. It was on Wednesday, May 11th at 1 am in the morning on route 37 by the mall. She has been on the go ever since.
She’s been seen on Route 37 and throughout Massena and may have also been spotted on Route 56 heading towards Brasher. She is traveling anywhere and everywhere trying to find home. She is not familiar with the area.
REWARD. Please DO NOT CHASE as she is very friendly but scared and is running further away. She is not use to cars so I’m terrified she will be hit.
Please contact JoAnn 24 hours a day at 315-705-8875 with any sightings or information.