General Information

All animals adopted from our shelter are microchipped for identification purposes. 24PetWatch Pet Recovery Network is available 24/7 and provides peace of mind for you as well as protection for you pet

ShelterCare Pet Insurance
All animals adopted from our shelter can take advantage of a gift of free pet health insurance coverage for 30 days. At the end of the gift period, adopters who wish to purchase extended coverage may choose from a variety of options through ShelterCare Pet Insurance. For more information visit

Puppies and Kittens
We have a 100% adoption rate for puppies or kittens between six and eight weeks old.

Surrendering Animals
Situations may require a pet owner to make the difficult decision that they can no longer keep an animal. Bringing it to the Shelter is the responsible thing to do. Staff members will do all they can to find a loving, permanent home. There is a $30 fee to help cover shelter costs if you do not live in one of the townships contracted by PHS for animal control (see Stray Animals below). There is a $10.00 fee for all cats that are brought to our shelter from a non contracted town. Though there is no fee for surrendering an animal from contracted townships, donations are greatly appreciated. Contact our shelter staff (click on Contact Us in the main menu on the left side of this page) to make sure we have room on the day you wish to bring in any animal.

Stray Animals
PHS contracts with 11 Townships to provide animal control and investigate reports of animal cruelty. If you have a stray animal or if you suspect neglect or cruelty of an animal, please contact your local shelter, the animal control officer for your town, or a law enforcement agency. If a stray animal has wandered into your world, please contact the shelter immediately (315-265-3199).

The Towns PHS contracts with are: Brasher, Colton, Clifton, Fine, Hopkinton, Lawrence, Lisbon, Parishville, Potsdam/Norwood, Stockholm/Winthrop, & Waverly.